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Don’t be coy, tell your mate what you want.

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Hier books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart&mdash,there is no other way.

Express Emotions Through Deeds

Paul Simon sang about 50 Ways To Leave Your Paramour. I’m here to share 50 Ways to Keep Your Paramour.

Some of you might not be sabido with this classic kasstuk, so feel free to observe the movie beforehand.

It is so elementary to say “I Love You.” How about showcasing your love instead of just telling the words? Demonstrating your fondness takes effort, creativeness and a caring heart.

If you want to keep your paramour you need to express your emotions through your deeds. Don’t take the effortless way out, be adventurous and love making memories!

Whether you are dating or married I hope some of my ideas will be useful for you.

I’m not an experienced te relationships, but you can say that I’ve bot there and done that.

Te one way or another wij’ve all had relationship practices, whether good or bad, wij live and learn. Hopefully wij don’t repeat the same mistakes.

If you have any suggestions that would help others keep their paramour, please share them te the comment section below. Wij are never too old to learn something fresh.

So here goes, with my take of 50 Ways to Keep Your Paramour.

How Many Ways Could You Relate To?

1. Give a bounty just because. No need for a special occasion.

Two. Alternate days for the TV remote. You might learn something intriguing and interesting!

Trio. Fire up the grill, learn how to cook. Don’t expect to get served unless you serve others.

Four. Connect by holding arms. How long has it bot since you’ve done that?

Five. Don’t slip out the back Jack if an punt arises. confront the problem and then determine if you are going to make a run for it. Always have an escape project!

6. Date night. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Whether at huis or somewhere else it is what it is. No, I’m not going to project it for you also!

7. Privacy. Give each other space. Claustrophobia te a relationship is taboo. Breathe!

8. Discuss much. Communication is a voorwaarde. Did you go after that? Communication is a voorwaarde.

9. Make plans spil a team. Don’t rely on one person to be the entertainer. which is why it’s called teamwork!

Ten. Laugh and laugh some more, then laugh again. Laugh until your belly hurts.

11. Don’t be coy, tell your mate what you want. Contrary to what you might have heard, mind-readers are far and few inbetween.

12. Hold the voort open. Pull out the chair. Yes, common courtesy still exists.

13. Take a walk and zekering to smell the roses or apple blossoms!

14. Don’t go to bloembed angry, get your point across and don’t give te until the other sees it your way.


16. Don’t always expect to fix everything, sometimes you just need to (see #15)

17. Give a shoulder rubdown! You never know when you are going to need them so vertoning some love!

Legitimate. It’s not imperative to always speak when alone, just love the uur.

20. Ask about their day. Their tomorrows. Their yesterdays.

21. Attempt not to share bodily noises unless absolutely necessary, even then still attempt not to.

22. Take care of your health. It’s not all about you, think of your loved ones! No one is invincible.

23. Always, I repeat ALWAYS have chocolate on arm te case ANY emergency should emerge.

24. Hop on the bus and take a road tour to anywhere!

25. Give each other the key to your hearts.

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