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Ebay Secrets That People Need To Know About

If you are an experienced eBay seller then you may already be aware of many of eBay’s dirty tricks, but if you are a buyer or a fresh seller you may not realize what problems you might practice on eBay.The fact is that eBay has done an amazing job at wooing buyers that eBay and Paypal have got them covered, they are like the big brother that are always looking out for your best interests. Unluckily this is not the case, and many people who have bot selling on eBay and even some buyers, may have already experienced some of the negative aspects of this perverse world of eBay and Paypal. I am going to let you ter on some of the things that eBay and Paypal certainly don’t want you to know. And if you read what I have written and you are not wooed, if you spend just a few moments researching the topic on google or youtube, you will see the same story overheen and overheen again.

EBAY Terugkoppeling POLICY – Ter the beginning, buyers and sellers could leave each other terugkoppeling based on the any eBay transaction. This wasgoed an effective way for eBay users to establish a reputation.Sellers could establish a reputation for providing quality products and quality service, and buyers could establish terugkoppeling based how quickly they pay, and how they interact with the seller. So sellers that sell poor quality products and provide poor service, would receive a poor rating. Buyers that would not pay, or would behave ter an unreasonable manner would also receive a poor rating. Now te May 2008, eBay switched the terugkoppeling system and now only buyers can leave negative or equitativo terugkoppeling. So what does this mean, it means that buyers can now feel free to bid on items and not pay. It means that buyers can make unreasonable requests and if the seller does not agree to the buyers requests they will risk negative terugkoppeling. Terugkoppeling for buyers is now meaningless, what is it worth if you are only permitted to leave positive terugkoppeling, there is no sense ter leaving terugkoppeling at all.

Terugkoppeling EXTORTION – It is against eBay policy to request anything other that what the seller has listed, and menacing a seller with negative terugkoppeling te order to get overheen and above what you paid for is not permitted by eBay’s rules. So does that mean you can not get away with it? Certainly not, since sellers can not leave verdadero terugkoppeling for buyers, terugkoppeling extortion has become far more common on eBay. It is almost unlikely to prove, so buyers might ask you to include extras, or expedite shipping, and they will leave subtle hints of negative terugkoppeling if you do not agree to this. There is nothing that can be done to zekering this te eBay’s current system.

DETAILED SELLER RATINGS – Sellers are now rated ter several categories such spil : communication, voorwerp spil described, shipping time, shipping charges. There is a Five starlet system where sellers are given a rating on a Five starlet scale. Now when you think of a Five starlet scale, a Four strak hotel for example is very likely a pretty nice place to stay and wij consider Four out of Five starlets to be pretty good. On eBay, Four out of Five starlets will result te an instant suspension of your account for poor customer satisfaction. The DSR system is a prime example of one of many policies that are designed to improve customer satisfaction. The problem with the DSR system is, it creates customer dissatisfaction from nothing. The customers that are overall fairly sated with their voorwerp, are now given another option, a fresh way to complain. If you give people more options to complain, you will get more complaints. Customers most likely feel like they have already left positive terugkoppeling so it is no big overeenkomst if they leave a low DSR rating for shipping charges or shipping time.

If eBay determines to suspend a seller for any reason, they will send out an email to any buyers that have purchased products from that seller. They will word the email ter a way that makes the buyers believe that they are victims of a scam, and that this seller has bot caught committing fraud or theft. Now while ter some cases this may be the case, ter other cases this can be caused by plain misunderstandings. The email will urge buyers to charge back their payments instantly spil they have bot a victim of a potential fraud. This may be a result of a copyright disturbance, or it could be that the seller logged into their account from a public laptop, perhaps they received a negative terugkoppeling from a buyer or a low DSR rating for shipping time. Another reason for suspension of a sellers account could be that billing to their credit card failed for their eBay fees, or it could be a result of them switching their password or their address. Spil a buyer you will always be led to believe that the seller is fraudulent.

Why do eBay accounts get suspended? That is a good question, and there is no ordinary reaction. When eBay suspends your account, they often reject to give you a reason for their deeds. They tell you that they can not tell you what exactly the problem is, they might give it a vague term like “manhandling eBay” and if you ask them what that means, they will deny to response. A common reason for suspensions is poor customer satisfaction, a few negative terugkoppeling’s or maybe just low DSRs. Amazing spil it may sound, it is possible to have your eBay account suspended for poor customer satisfaction even if you have 100% positive terugkoppeling! Yes I know, it sounds unbelievable, but if you get poor detailed seller ratings it doesn’t matter if you have 100% positive terugkoppeling, your account can be limited or even suspended.

It doesn’t matter what business you are ter, customer satisfaction is going to be an significant part of any successful business. Most businesses would very likely be blessed to say that 90% of their customers are pleased. On eBay, you will be held to unattainable standards, you need to have 99% customer satisfaction, and even your pleased customers can then cause problems if they leave you low DSR ratings So what does eBay expect from their sellers, well maybe not perfection .. but very close to it! Can you imagine if all businesses were held to the same standards eBay sellers are? Imagine if the “Better Business Lessenaar” would come along closing down hotels and restaurants if they had 1 or Two complaints out of 100 customers? It doesn’t sound very realistic does it?

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