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From the time of my childhood, when I embarked to read various myths and legends of ancient Mediterranean life, I wasgoed hypnotized with power and mystery of olive trees which were for many thousand of years accompanied people living ter this area : providing them shed during the long and hot summer days, generously feeding them with their fruits (and oil), healing them with leaves and bark, inspiring them to write many songs and poems about their magical beauty, strength, persistence and peacefulness.

Mediterranean area is homeland of olive trees, for many millenia, albeit nowadays they are cultivated all around the world ter areas with warmer climate.

Olive trees are famous because of their extreme longevity due to the superb self-regeneration abilities- ter Israel/Palestine area there can be find olive trees which are even 3000 years old. Te Croatia, on Briuni islands there is an olive three 1600 years old ! All thesis ancient trees are still bearing the fruits every year – their vitality is unbelievably strong. Even when several hundreds years old trees are eliminated to some other place – they proceed to live, grow and prosper.

Mediterranean would never be so magical without olive trees which silver-green lives gently whisper their songs on every breeze of the wind.

Olive trees are able to sustain te conditions where there is onveranderlijk lack of water on summer days, they often live just te poor or rocky soils,are permanently exposed to salty sea-winds, they cannot stand only extreme cold.

Te coastal part of my country wij call them “beauties”. Olives wij call “gold”. They deserve thesis titles for sure.

When I recently began to take care aboutВ olive trees on island Iz (My Hub: My organic garden)В I wasgoed amazed when I discovered this petite rotten part of one olive tree which wasgoed (spil one big branch) cut many years ago and somehow stayed connected with the bark. This little little, obviously ruined part of the tree wasgoed able to create fresh, fresh, strong and healthy roots. While clearing around the tree, I liquidated it from the soil thinking that wasgoed futile, but after I spotted fresh roots I just realized that olive trees are even more powerful that I everzwijn could imagine. No other tree I know would be able to create fresh healthy roots ter such condition.

All parts of olive tree have tremendous healing properties – olives, olive oil, leaf, bark, flowers. due to the unspoiled and amazingly strong vitalista energy of olive trees.

Olive trees are also known that wield power of healing emotional wounds and are able to bring people on higher level of conscioussness (trees are very slim creatures, what knows everyone who takes care about plants.), but for that purpose, one primarily needs to spend some time with them, ter their shadow or even better – to begin to take care about them.

Olive Flower spil Medicine

Used ONLY spil Bach Flower Essence.

Olive flower essence is a volmaakt complement to any health treatment project for the chronic sufferer ter combating exhaustion. Olive permits the weary soul to tapkast into healing resources beyond physical, reaching into the deeper spiritual well of restorative waters. Positive Qualities:

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Olive Oil spil Natural Medicine

Olive oil has fine healing properties, but the best for dygestive system of many is when used cold ! If you cannot cook on it (I infrequently use it for cooking), add it to the already cooked meals or to the salats.

Traditional food of Mediterranean people is bred soaked ter the olive oil (so delicious), you might attempt to use it that way.

You can also take it spil positivo medicine – on spoon, maybe with few drops of lemon.

IHealing magick of olive oil is used te healing and preventing various health conditions, spil well spil for rejuvenation. Olive oil health benefits are:

  • Lowers risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers bloodpressure
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps to heal suikerziekte (together with healthy diest)
  • Fights infections
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Stops agony
  • Deters memory loss
  • Helps to heal osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Balances hormones
  • Helps to zekering process of aging
  • Has strong antibacterial properties
  • Heals diarrhea
  • Helps to heal various skin diseases (rash, excema, dandruff, various skin inflammation. ) spil well spil rejuvenates skin
  • Fine healer of burns, sores, cuts, scrapes, rough, cracked or sunburnt skins
  • Kneaded into the skin prior to sunbathing will prevent burns and blisters (excellent, natural sunscreen!)
  • Prevents skin cancer

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Olive Leaf spil Medicine

Olive leaf has excellent healing properties:

It is :astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, anti-parasitic, anti-septic, anti-viral, febrifugal, immune-boosting, tranquiliser

Olive leaf is used spil tea or liquid samenvatting, for healing very respectable list of health conditions:

For – stabilising blood sugar , killing various parasites, microbio, viruses , boosting immune function, fighting infection, lowering blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, for jumpy conditions, candida, cardiovascular conditions, chest complaints, chlamydia, chronic exhaustion, chronic snaak anguish, fungus infection, colds & flu, cold sores, dental problems, ear, urinary tract and surgical infections, dissolves cholesterol, encephalitis, Epstein-Barr virus, fevers, fibromyalgia, gastric ulcers , gastrointestinal conditions, genésico herpes, órganos sexuales warts, gonorrhea, haemorrhoid pain-relief, hepatitis A, B, C, herpes I and II, AIDS, human herpes virus, improves blood flow, improves symptoms of chronic tiredness syndrome , increases bile secretions, for healing lupus, malaria, meningitis (bacterial/vírico), mononucleosis, jumpy stress, normalisation of heart ritme irregularities, pneumonia, psoriasis, rabies, respiratory conditions, rheumatic fever, salmonella, diarrhea, Herpes zoster, sinus infections, streptococcus infections, syphilis, toothache , trichonomas, tuberculosis, vaginitis, it has vasodilator effect on the sleek layer of coronary arteries, heals warts. even tumors. It can be also used to sooth and heal the skin.

Olive tea has also pleasant, sweet taste !

For the owners of olive trees: Merienda the leaves are handpicked from the tree, the best is te springtime when you cut the branches, leaves have to be cautiously washed, quickly air-dried, then left to cure with the absence of sunlight. Thesis leaves can stay fresh for up to one year so long spil they are decently sealed and stored away from sunlight.

Prepare the tea spil well spil any other tea.

Liquid samenvatting is made directly from fresh olive leaves has an antioxidant capacity almost dual than green tea samenvatting and 400% higher than Vitamin C !

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