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Which are the best online dating sites for Indians?


Please be careful while using online dating sites like AFF. Specially if you are meeting someone from Delhi. This happened with mij last month on my journey to delhi.

This is how it happened. I had an account on AFF and since i wasgoed about to visit Delhi, I determined to meet up with someone like minded. I met this mature woman on AFF whose profile said that she lived te Delhi with hier parents and wasgoed a divorcee. She liked role plays and partying. The language used te the profile wasgoed very good and reflected of an educated and mature person. So i told hier the dates i wasgoed visiting Delhi. I even asked hier if she wished anything te terugwedstrijd but she denied and said come have a nice time.

So the date and timing were immobile. She told she knows a safe hotel near hier house and i should come to hier huis very first then wij shall leave for hotel. So when i called hier te the evening she asked mij to come to Holambi near Bawana area te Delhi. I wasgoed fresh so determined to pick a taxi. When i reached the area it wasgoed around 10pm. The area seemed like a typical slum and wasgoed very far on the outskirts of delhi. I got off the taxi and called hier. She sent a house boy to pick mij up from there.

Mistake 1 – did not suspect the location. while coming in the narrow alleys of the area with the houseboy. it seemed like there wont be a way out if i had to navigate myself through thesis narrow alleys.

Then wij reached the hier house jizz office. it wasgoed locked from outside. The servant opened the lock with keys. (Missed clue no.Two). Spil i entered the office, she wasgoed sitting ter chair and reading tv-programma. She invited mij to have a seat near hier. I had brought liquor so the servant ready the pegs and wij began drinking. I told hier i don’t drink much so only 1 peg for mij. But she kept on insisting mij to keep on drinking. I downed three pegs which were of course large and embarked feeling dizzy. She told mij to take all the stuff upstairs to bedroom. So i obliged and went upstairs. However my belly wasgoed curling and i commenced puking te the upstairs bathroom. After puking i came back to the bloembed and liedje down. Abruptly another masculine besides the houseboy entered the bedroom with the woman. He came straight to mij and spanked mij hard on my face. I wasgoed confused but realised that “i am fucked.” This wasgoed Delhi’s crime renta. i wasgoed stuck with thesis goones with no way out. My fate wasgoed sealed and thoughts commenced rushing to my head.

Then the houseboy came with a bamboo stick and embarked hitting mij but the other man interrupted. Still the houseboy kicked mij te the face. My nose commenced bleeding and i embarked shivering. For now my life wasgoed at stake. I told them take whatever you want but leave mij. But they wont budge. They took all my metselspecie, witness, laptop and still desired money. They told mij to transfer money ter their accounts. But since my televisiekanaal banking wasn’t activated i couldn’t transfer the money. The fellow kept on telling ki “Tu nai dega to tere baap ko phone karenge aur paise lenge.” Then they made mij eliminate all my clothes and began taking my pics. Then they threatened mij to give more money orelse they will send the pics to my parents and upload on my profile.

This kept on till 4am ter the morning. they had already made mij make payments of electrical play bills, mobile recharge on various accounts. Then the boy slept while the woman and the lady kept a witness on mij. She kept on cursing mij and menacing mij that they are going to kill mij if i dont cough out 50k.

Then the guys woke up at 10am and asked mij give my atm cards with speld numbers so that they can withdraw contant from atm. But i din’t budge and said i cannot give speld but i can come with you to atm, withdraw the monay and give you. (Only wise budge since had i given the speld number too, i wasgoed gone. They wouldn’t have left mij till they had drained all the 1.Five lacs from my account.)

So wij made a final overeenkomst, i would buy a mobile of 20k for them and then they would let mij go. so he sent mij with the houseboy and another man to buy mobiles. But the lady had kept my mobile phone with hier and didnt give it to mij. Three of us on a bike. Now thesis two guys began telling mij to buy them mobile too and they will gurantee my safe comeback from this hell. This fresh boy seemed trust worthy. Bought three mobiles te all and talent them. Took whatever wasgoed left my phone, bag and wallet and left the place. Called a taxi and went to hotal. Checked out. Took taxi, went to airport and left Delhi.

So this is my kleintje advise, be very careful while using online dating ter big cities spil goons are wise here. They have a network and can do any harm they wish merienda you are te their trapje. I left AFF everzwijn since and never intend to use any such thing ter future.

Please dont meet people on places you are not corriente. Call them at common place where chances of swindling are lesser. Dont carry reserve things, jwellery, electronics, etc. while meeting strangers on dating sites.

EDIT 1 – I have their photographs. Will they be of any benefit? I want to ensure that this never happens with anyone else. Atleast not by this vaart. The master planner is a deceiver. He seemed well learned and also runs a business of packaging ter Delhi. No one can suspect him to be a goon at very first view. And i am sure I am not the only one they have swindled. There have bot many such cases reported on AFF forums regarding this stud who runs by the mote of “Meghraj”

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