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Five Reasons Why Job Search Is Like Dating, CAREEREALISM

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Think job search is a haul? You’re not alone. Maybe it’s time you looked at it differently.

Dating, despite having its ups and downs, can actually be a joy activity. Funny enough, dating and job searching are pretty similar ter their nature.

And, albeit wij can’t promise you writing a voorkant letterteken that starts with, “Hi, I’m Joe. I like long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and, most of all, finding different and creative ways to market healthcare products…” will catch the heart of your desire employer, wij can give you some advice on how to switch your job search perspective. Here are five common factors inbetween job search and dating:

1. You Need Chemistry

When you begin dating someone, you generally know right away whether or not they will be exclusief of your life. Why is this? Chemistry.

You also need to have chemistry with your potential employer.

“You want to find a common unie,” she says.

So, how to you do that? Be observant. If you see photos on the wall, things te their office, and so on, ask about them. You only have a brief window of time to impress your potential employer, you need to be able to showcase them you are worthy of a 2nd date – er, vraaggesprek.

Two. You Need To Be Picky (But Not Too Picky)

Albeit it’s significant to narrow down your preferences, you can’t be too picky. Spil the old telling goes, “No one is ideal.” This applies to employers, too.

“If you set your glances too broadly, you might find yourself actually dazed by options,” says Gayle Laakmann McDowell, author of The Google Resume. “But if you are too picky, you might never get any choices. It’s significant to strike a glad middle ground inbetween being selective and being too open, or you’ll waste everyone’s time.”

Trio. It’s Not All About The Looks

Ter high schoolgebouw, many ladies are attracted to the strak of the football team. Stereotypically, he’s good looking, popular, and successful. However, he’s not the right person for every woman.

This same concept applies to job seekers – many people are attracted to jobs with the “hot” companies, only to find out they aren’t the best gezond for them.

“This leads job seekers to take roles that might not be a excellent gezond for them, simply because the company is well known,” McDowell. “There is, of course, value te having a strong brand name on your resume, but if the role isn’t the right gezond, you may wind up pitiful. I’ve seen a loterijlot of candidates who truly want to be programmers take a testing role at a big name tech company, just to get ter the doorheen. The problem is that, three years down the road, they’re still stuck te a role they never even wished.”

Four. You Have To Make Them Want More

After a very first date, you need to persuade that person to proceed to date you. This same idea can be applied to job search.

Spil a job seeker, you need to persuade the employer to give you a slok at the job. Even when the vraaggesprek is overheen, Oliver stresses the importance of sending a thank you note. Not only is it courteous, but it also gives you another chance to connect with the employer.

Thank you notes are a way to proceed the conversation with your potential employer. She suggests bringing up a question didn’t get answered during the vraaggesprek.

“No matter how well the vraaggesprek goes,” Oliver says, “you need to thank that person.”

Five. You Can’t Rush Into It

“You don’t need to commit to a relationship after your very first date, and you don’t need to accept an opoffering spil soon spil you get it,” says McDowell. “Take your time. Think things through. Is this indeed what you want?”

McDowell says you may even want to “date around” – that is, vraaggesprek with some other companies to see what else is out there.

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