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And it actually submerged into hier head!

Be Fair!

Do You Judge Others Based on Appearance?

My mother judges people a loterijlot. I don’t want to generalize here, but I think many people my age can say that about their mothers! At least most people that I have met. Then again, I myself may be judging. I won’t give away my age, but let’s just say I’m not te the teenage crowd.

Ter any case, she judges people all the time. Mostly she judges mij and people junior than hier. Wij don’t make the right decisions, wij do things wrong, wij act wrong, wij are not living our lives right, and wij don’t understand what she understands about life.

She doesn’t understand why the damsels on survivor have to wear such little clothes and she thinks that the youthfull woman who calls te sick to work should suck it up like she does (and make everyone else sick at work like she does).

I could write a book about things my mother has said to mij about other people and the judgments she makes on everyone’s life, but this is just supposed to be a story. A true story, but one that opened hier eyes a bit.

She wasgoed waiting ter line at a zweem store to get some answers about why hier phone wasn’t working decently. She had stepped out of line for a ogenblik to look at something on display and when she stepped back two ‘youthful kids’ had taken hier place te line.

The youthfull man wasgoed tattooed all overheen his bod and had long hair tied back te a ponytail, and the damsel he wasgoed with had way too skimpy cut-offs on and a halter top spil well. They looked like they were ‘bad kids’ with no direction ter life, and they were rude and ignorant spil well. Hell, they most likely did drugs!

To hier verrassing, while thinking this, the youthful man turned around and asked if she had bot ter line. My mother being the quiet hypocrite politely exclaimed that it wasgoed no problem and that she had stepped out of line anywase (while she swore te hier head).

Merienda she got up to the teller she asked about hier phone. The teller became busy on the phone and my mom had to wait for help. While she wasgoed waiting the youthfull (tattooed) man turned around and said “I couldn’t help but overhear you. I think I may be able to help you with your problem.” He then proceeded to help hier for the next half an hour figure out exactly what the problem wasgoed with hier phone. He even got on the phone with his brother who had the precies same phone spil my mom to hash out a solution.

Turns out he wasgoed a pc boy who worked te a truly good job and knew what he wasgoed talking about. He wasgoed polite, helpful, and willing to lend a forearm when he indeed didn’t have to. He wasn’t the rude, ignorant, bad boy (drug maniac) she had judged him to be and she wasgoed shocked!

I wasgoed so glad to hear hier tell mij this story. I’m not astonished that she judged them but I wasgoed astonished that she said something nice about him. Sometimes she will hold hier judgments ter place, even if they prove hier wrong. But this time she got a little wake up call to getting to know people before you judge them. And it actually buried into hier head! She has actually lessened hier judgments!

What’s the Recatado of the story? – If my mother – who judges on a daily fundament no matter what I say to hier can switch hier thoughts about someone and zekering being so quick to judge – anyone can.

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