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If You Were To Date A Hubber, Who Would It Be?

Since it’s your thread, why don’t you do the honors ?

You mean ask you out? Lol.

Wait! I am gonna get jealous.

hey Kindje, I’m your african boo. That ain’t gonna switch! You know this.

I wasgoed getting worried. Don’t do mij like that!

Uh oh I smell fire.

Are wij interrupting?

You mean you had that ter mind ?

It would be mij. After all, I’m already with mij 24/7 and I will never leave mij.

Down ladies, down!

OOOOH the man with the funny eyes..Weigand is his last name.

Right back at ya kmackey .

so why dont u place ur auténtico pic with out those big eye testicles I would also date u..

OOOOh im gealous. Looks like you got some other woman after ya. Wheres the pic with your auténtico eyes?

Hypothetically speaking coz I have a dame friend. I would date Blondepoet. She has what it takes to be an ideal wish woman. She is a BIKE. Beautiful Slim Kleintje Entertaining. LOL.

You have a terrific attitude. I don’t wanna be caught flirting. but you sure spil hell are too tempting. Is it a good thing to be a bad fellow

Witness out for Jodie too, she is insatiable, somewhere here on the prowl.

Jodie. Is she a sweetheart like you bring it on. LOL

Indeed hard to pick, too many excellent choices

Dont hide it Misha. You would pick mij.

Undoubtedly one of the top choices

@kmackey Now there is an experienced boy talking. talk about pick up lines. LOL

@Misha Sure gotta have a back up project. I mean back up date. LOL

LOL OK, lemme tell you a Russian joke, if I would be able to translate it decently.

You gotta have a loterijlot of stamina. maybe those at the end. the best. can extend the stamina. LOL

LOL – My strategy would be to take the best ones very first.

I would assume you are a youthful dog like mij. who wants too much too soon. Not the pack leader like Misha. who is slow and stable. LOL

I’ll date any ole dog spil long spil he/she is rich

I get it. preferably on deathbed. no prenup please. LOL

Even with a prenup – I bet the rate of come back would be better than my AdSense

Good luck with your search. get helluva good lawyer to draft your prenup.

Oh man I think people like that are sad. lol

After being married to someone who only makes media pay, I say the same thing. Next time (if there is a next time) I will marry someone who has lots of money so I can be a housewife and not have to worry about money and the house would be clean when my hubby came huis and wij could spend time together rather than being at each others throats after coming huis and both of us having to cook and clean. Makes sense.

Be very careful what you wish for.

LOL I like that call LG

Makes sense..but you can’t say you can be more satisfied the next time.

I just want to meet my foot mate. I dont care about money and I think its very greedy for others to waterput money overheen there happyness.

Know this. I would never waterput money overheen happiness. Money IS happiness to mij anymore.

good trouble shiba wasgoed joking.

The operative word is &quot,leisurely&quot,

If I had anyone to choose , I would undoubtedly date. Myself! Oh Yeah

Now that is height of narcissism. unless you have numerous personalities..LOL

Yeah but youv’e gotta admit, I wouldn’t have to worry about pleasing anybody, nothing but good old fashoned self gratification!

Dude I got overheen that phase. no more self gratification for mij unless I’m left with no choice. LOL

Now boys thats just selfish of you.

OMG. How did I miss this. lemme know what &quot,selfless&quot, act you want mij to commit

You know I’m just joking right? I have a wifey, three kids, and one(or possibly three) te the oven.

Oh so you voorwaarde be taking care of hier needs.

wij are not offended

mij myself I and ?

Well, you know it depends on my motives and my mood. If I’m looking for a good laugh, I’d pick someone like Bad Company. If I’m looking for an exaltado romantic, maybe Agvulpes. If I’m looking to pick someone’s brain about how to improve my earnings while railing on the back of a motorcycle, Ridderzaal Licino’s the man.

Ter inbetween thesis are a entire host of fascinating and talented Hubbers I’d truly love to spend an evening with.

Misha — I’d love to meet you and listen to more of your Russian stories!

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