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Guys lie through their teeth because the last thing they want is to be confronted by a female.

telltale sign of cheating: lipstick or perfume on your man

My dearest reads on cheaters.

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This is the ONLY advice you need to go after if you suspect your man is cheating on you.

You think your man is cheating on you. The thought has at least crossed your mind. Something he may have said, or done, may have sparked a little doubt ter your mind the he is being loyal.

It is far too effortless ter this situation to say &quot, No, he’s not like that,&quot, or &quot, he wouldn’t do that to mij.&quot,

Let mij tell you: He could, he can, and he will.

When you commence suspecting your man is cheating on you, this is your female intuition raising a yam-sized Crimson FLAG. You need to listen to what you think deep down te your gut, because this is the voice of truth that you NEED to hear and listen to.

12 tell-tale signs that he’s cheating on you:

  1. He’s broke because all of his contant is going to the other woman.
  2. He’s bot putting you down lately or picking fights with you (this is a tactic they use to ease their guilt).
  3. They get defensive if you question where they’ve bot or ask about females that he has bot spending time with.

If any of the above behaviors ( or anything else you may feel is &quot,sketchy&quot, has bot happening for an extended period of time, its likely that he is cheating on you. I don’t recommend confronting him off the bat. He will lie. Boys lie through their teeth because the last thing they want is to be confronted by a female.

Ten things you can do to INVESTIGATE if you expect he’s bot cheating on you:

1. Closely profesor his phone activity and take notes. If he answers calls around you, does he act rushed to dangle up with the person? Can you tell if it’s a female? If you have access to his phone and can go through it without him knowing, DO IT. Take note of all of the names and numbers ter his phone book. Write down all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Make sure you notate the times and length of calls. If you’re fortunate enough to have the password to his voicemail. Check his messages from your phone often. If he doesn’t keep his voicemail password protected, check his messages from his phone. Keep the following te mind: He might clear his call logs out ( a clear sign that theres something going on that he doesn’t want you to see), He may store the other woman spil a business or under a masculine’s name, so that you won’t pick up on it. Question everything. If he keeps his phone password protected, that is a clear sign he is cheating.

Two. After taking extensive notes overheen a period of time on his call activity, do you notice any trends? A lotsbestemming of late night calls? A loterijlot of calls to the same two or three numbers? Perhaps some indeed LONG phone calls? Any phone numbers that raise your suspicion, call them. If you get the voicemail and its a female voice, you’ve found the other woman. If you get an automated voicemail, keep calling back. If you can’t get access to his phone, intercept his mail and take his phone bill. No, its not a charming thing to do, but he’s lounging to you and all bets are off, just do it.

Three. Pay close attention to his car. Are the seats moved around? If the passenger seat has bot moved, especially closer to the dash, then its likely he had a female railing with him. Turn the radiodifusión on. Is it tuned to a station different than it normally is? Check the CD player for any unrecognized discs, or for any romantic or sexy music. Is your man abruptly keeping air fresheners te his car? Make sure you look ter the glove opbergruimte, under the seats, on the seats, all through the back seat for any hook-up stains, female hairs, condoms, condom wrappers, stray underwear, or any other evidence of another female.

Four. Check the pockets of his clothes frequently. Look for receipts that may indicate a purchase for another woman, look for condoms or condom wrappers, look for anything that might indicate his cheating. Also check his wallet. If you can get a hold of his bankgebouw statement and credit card bill, even better. Check for restaurant charges, movie theater charges, hotel charges, shopping charges, and so on.

Five. Pay attention to how his stud friends are acting around you lately. Has there bot a switch? Do they seem a little awkward around you now? Maybe a little avoidant? Keep te mind that when studs are having an affair they usually brag to their friends. They think they’re slick that you’re te the dark. Listen to his conversations with his friends, does it sound like they have a fresh string of inwards jokes? Does anything sound amiss to you? Whenever possible, talk to his friends spil much spil possible. If you can, attempt to catch your man te a lie through gaining information from his friends. Please note that you cannot let his friends know you suspect him of cheating. Guys will always voorkant up for other guys. However, you can for example ask your stud’s friend &quot,JIm&quot, what he did this weekend ( when your man isn’t around) if he says he took a road tour to Colorado Friday- Monday, you know that your man wasn’t being fair when he told you he wasgoed with &quot,Jim&quot, on Saturday night.

6.If he calls and asks you where you are, or ask what your schedules going to be like, LIE. If he doesn’t know where you truly are at any given time, he has more of a chance of getting caught te the act. If you live together, and you can find time, druppel by your house on pauze, at varying times of the day, even if he’s supposed to be at work. You may very well druppel by the house at 2pm on a Monday, and catch him te the act because he wasn’t expecting you to be there. You can also attempt pulling down by his job merienda ter a while. Attempt not to make your prescence known. Oh, wasgoed he out to refrigerio? Does he USUALLY take his refrigerio with him and work through his refrigerio hour? You might want to take a quick drive around the area and see if you spot his car at any regional hotels, restaurants, kroegen, etc.

7. On a night that he’s going out with his &quot,mates&quot, attempt to go after him. You have to be indeed discreet. If you don’t think you can go after him without having him realize it, have someone you trust go after him. Did he do what he told you he wasgoed doing? If he told you he wasgoed going to be at such and such a friends house, druppel by there with an excuse like &quot, I’m locked out of my house, is my man here?&quot, If he isn’t, auge, he’s lounging to you.

8. Pay close attention to how he functions te his relationship with you. When you ask him what he did today, or yesterday or what have you, is he overheen explanatory? Does he take a long time to think up what he did? Does he look to the left ( a signal he is lounging), does he avoid voeling? Has he bot so busy lately that he doesn’t have time for you? Has he stopped buying you things, taking you out for special nights, or has he bot sleeping overheen less? Does he seem truly stressed out when you attempt to talk to him? Have you bot fighting a lotsbestemming lately? Studs who cheat find themselves te fights with their significant others because they are on edge spil they know they are two timing, they become more and more defensive and guilty acting.

9. Zekering initiating physical voeling with him. Don’t be a cold fish, but let him make the moves and observe. Is he spil &quot,hot and mighty&quot, for you spil he used to be? Does he tell you he loves you anymore? Is your lovemaking life dwindling? Does he withdraw if you initiate voeling? If you ARE still having lovemaking with your man. Use protection, you don’t know w
ho this other woman is or where she has bot.

Ten. After you have gathered enough evidence and are pretty damn sure there is a possibility that your man is cheating. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You may not have bot fortunate enough to catch him ter the act, but if the signs are there, and your gut is keurig, that is just spil good. You can attempt to confront him, but very few boys fess up. If you do confront him, do you believe his excuses? Listen to his gut.


Now some of you might be asking &quot, Well I can’t be 100% sure he is cheating on mij, I don’t feel right violating up with him, harmless until proven guilty.&quot,

And my response is: If there are any signs that lead you to believe your man is cheating on you, you should leave him RIGHT now.

Are you going to wait until you find him and the other woman ter your leger? Are you going to wait until he brings huis a STD? Are you going to wait until he determines to leave you for hier and you’re left with no integrity?

If your man is being hot and cold, displaying sketchy behavior, is running around at all hours of the night doing maker knows what, racking up numbers from women, getting his phone deep throated up by females. that’s enough reason to leave him. I don’t care if you have kids with this person, if your man is cheating YOU DO NOT GIVE HIM 2nd CHANCES What type of example would you be setting for thesis children if you took your man back? That its okay for dudes to act like this because women are so forgiving? Come on, you have more self-respect for yourself than that.

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