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Online Dating Profile SamplesOnline Dating profile and LinkedIn Profile Writing

Because I’m both an online dating profile writer and marketing accomplished (see my bio), I know the technologies to make your online dating profile stand out. Here are excerpts from my online dating profile examples so that you can see some of the mechanisms yourself. Also, be sure catch my online dating profile writing tips on King Five TV and Breakfast TV.

Online dating profile sample of Graham’s.

Before: What do I like? Skiing, softball, hockey. The opera, I like a loterijlot. Movies, the speelgoedpop kunst of our era, absolutely anytime, even crappy ones. Horses, I’ll saddle up. Want to kayak to Peru – talk mij into it. I’ve always dreamed to rock climb too, but never got around to it.

After: Graham’s profile wasgoed long and convoluted. Telling “talk mij into it” or “never got around to it”, made him sound set ter his ways. Yet, when I read how playfully he approached my personality questionnaire (I ask questions that uncover a client’s interesting quirks, stories and expressions so that the profiles end up customized, fair and indeed good…if I may say so myself!) – and learned about some of his interests – it wasgoed overduidelijk that he wasgoed actually a funny, well-traveled and talented musician:

When I wasgoed a boy, I picked up the trumpet and played Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World”. It made my Mom sob. I wasgoed that bad. Today I play trumpet for a living. I’ve come a long way. On that note, I like to travel – preferably on horseback.

I kinda thought the quiz wasgoed a gimmick but then I eyed what she did with it – who knew I wasgoed so interesting, lol! It even sounds like mij however I could never write like that.

Online dating profile sample of Ann’s.

Before: Thank you for reading my profile. About mij – I truly love fledgling theatre and have bot doing it for years. However I do love it, it won’t keep mij from making time for you and your interests. When I’m not pretending to be a character, I’m a efectivo life chef and can cook for you.

After: Ann’s initial profile commenced off so unassertively. Ter fact, the more I read it, the more I sensed that she wasgoed undervaluing herself somehow. Merienda she finished the personality questionnaire, it talent mij a entire different view of hier and hier energy level. Te addition, ter the “what do friends taunt you about ” section of my online personality questionnaire, she provided anecdotes about some of the characters she played. The result wasgoed this fine opener! Hier profile ended up spil playful spil she is.

I merienda served my spouse a cocktail laced with arsenic. But, don’t worry. That wasgoed when I wasgoed the lead ter a play. Ter actual life, I’m a chef and choose to play with knives.

Kate is very perceptive. She actually witnessed crimson flags ter my way of thinking that could have attracted the wrong guys. I know she did more for mij than she had to. Whatever happens, the practice wasgoed amazing for my self-esteem.

Online dating profile sample of Kyle’s.

Before: I like to travel and have bot practically everywhere. I like going off the hammered path. I’m no all-inclusive type fellow.

He proceeded with a long, cold list of activities, including travel and ending with: Peru wasgoed my beloved place. I also indeed liked Norway. I took all kinds of pictures and would love to share them overheen coffee with you.

After: Kyle sounded like hundreds of other singles dating online who love to travel. When he packed out the personality questionnaire, especially the “random facts” and “interests” sections, this uncovered some very interesting information:

I’m many things. On one palm, I’m a photographer, artist and dancer. On the other, I’m a thrill seeker who’s herded reindeer te Norway, caved ter Guatemala, and ate guinea pig with an indigenous family ter Peru.

I don’t like writing and wasn’t glad that Kate kept asking questions, but she turned mij around. My profile wasgoed better than I expected, yet it wasgoed all mij. I got eight winks and overheen a dozen emails right away. Kate’s the best.

Kate works wonders! She creates a profile that is accurate, captivating and interesting. I’m so glad I hired hier!

Shawn, 38-year old female, Vader

Working with Kate is like working with your best friend. Te a few emails, she knew my life story and wasgoed able to take my mannerisms and waterput them into a profile that wasgoed mij. I displayed it to friends without telling them someone else had written it and they had no idea until I told them.

Alan, 24-yr old triathlete, NY

I had a latest breakup that truly hurt my self-esteem. This entire practice helped mij beyond my expectations. Thank you so much Kate.

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