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Should You Give Them A Key To Your Place, Online Dating

Huis is where the heart is, so you’d think that providing your sweetie a key to your place would be a no-brainer. That’s undoubtedly not the case. There are no hard and quick rules for when – and if – to give your fucking partner the key to your place, so what to do? Whether you’ve bot with your playmate for Five years or Five months, here are a few things to consider before providing them a key.

Many times you just know if you’re ready to give your significant other the key to your place.

  • You’re ready to take the next step.
  • You trust your significant other.
  • You have an odd schedule, and you want them to have access to your place.
  • You don’t feel like getting up to open the wegens every time they come overheen. (Hey, wij’ve heard this one.)


If you do determine to give your fucking partner a key, you should set a few ground rules:

  • Roommates should always come into consideration when providing a significant other a key. Talk to your roomie very first to see if they’re comfy with the opstelling. If your roomy agrees, be sure that your fucking partner respects your roomie’s space.
  • You should designate places ter the house where your playmate is permitted to be while you’re not huis. This is up to you, based on what you’re convenient with, and whether or not you have a roomy. You may want them to stick to your slagroom if you have a roomy, or maybe the living slagroom if you don’t want the possibility of them going through your things.
  • No inviting other people overheen while you’re not huis. When you are huis, your playmate should ask very first.
  • Timing: It may be best for you to agree to give your fucking partner a key on an as-needed onderstel, say, if your schedules are off.

And if things go south, you can always switch the locks.

So, you still might not feel comfy enough providing your significant other the key to your place – and that’s OK. Everyone has their reasons:

  • The relationship is too fresh.
  • You want to wait until you’re married.
  • You want hier to stir ter, very first.
  • You have trust concerns, either with them or from past relationships gone sour.

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