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AARP – Can You Pick Out the Online Dating Scammer?

Posted on 06/11/

No matter how glad and certain wij singles feel about ourselves and dating, there’s a part inwards that leaves us all feeling inerme. One of my more serious concerns is being bamboozled. Human scammers and bots — brief for online robots, however it’s actually software pretending to be human — stash on dating sites searching for unsuspicious romantics.

I am committed to not being victimized, and you owe the same to yourself. The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center reported ter 2013 that people 50 and older are the most common victims, and the most lucrative for romance scammers. So wij need to be especially diligent.

I thought at least three scammers or bots contacted mij, however one turned out to be legitimate. Can you guess which one?

Man No. 1 A gorgeous northern Italian widower with two youthful children who believes distance should not be an obstacle to true love.

Crimson Flag This man had professional photos, which can be stolen from modeling websites, and spil nice spil northern Italy sounds, he is geographically undesirable for a Floridian.

Man No. Two A sergeant ter the U.S. Army said his dad wasgoed from South Africa and his “Mum” from England. His wifey and year-old daughter died te a car crash, soon after, his mom and dad died, too.

Crimson Flag Some of the fattest scams occur from information and photos hijacked from soldiers’ Facebook pages, blogs and official military websites complemented by a sappy sob story.

Man No. Trio A doctor told mij I’m “the prettiest woman on this entire site” and boasted of his huis te Costa Rica, his condo te Vail and his convertible sports car.

Crimson Flag A scammer’s supposed occupation is usually associated with mucho moola, such spil engineer, lawyer and, yes, doctor.

Scammers will swirl your head and heart ter skillful romance until you send money for a flight to visit you or for much-needed surgery. Then they take the specie and run.

If you suspect a scammer, you can check out the person. The webpagina has a multitude of devices to help screen out the scum.

Reaction: Man No. Trio I called the online dating webpagina to find out if the doctor is for verdadero, and he is. However my mother told mij to grab him, I politely said, “No way.” Why would I want to date an insecure or shallow man who has to flaunt his material goods? I choose to date a doctor with a kampeerauto instead … but please make him Jewish for my mother!

Coming June 11: How to Spot a Bot When Looking for Online Romance

*Names and identifying information have bot switched to protect privacy and security.

See the AARP huis pagina for deals, savings tips, trivia and more.

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