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All the dating terms you didn – t know but were afraid to ask about, Clare Halpine, Very first Things

Wij are pleased to suggest the below definitions to help clarify some of the most misunderstood terms connected with dating and relationships today &#151,Ed.

Abstinence, n. Exercise to enhance individual core strength

Accountability Fucking partner, n. Senior-ranking actuary

Active receptivity, n. Oxymoron used to describe what women should do by those who have no idea what to do with them

Annulment, n. A way for Kennedy studs to dispose of Kennedy women

Barrier methods, n. Cloisters and walls

Bf, n. What she thinks he is and he thinks he isn&rsquo,t

Broho: Waterslang, brother who lives on or near Houston Street

Chastity speaker, n. One who encourages others to save slagroom for very first &rsquo,course

Chivalry, n. (obs.) Infrequent personality disorder afflicting masculines, manifests concern for opening doors and paying bills

Conjugal union, n. Two people coming together, te order to exchange verbs

Courtship, n. A period of trial and error, te civil cases

Crazy, adj. Too enthusiastic, fair, or sultry for a man&rsquo,s taste

Date, n. Indicate or expose spil being old-fashioned

Like, v. To take pleasure te social media

Stortbad, n. A cold shower

Emoticon, n. Written picture used spil an aid to allegiance

Emotional pornography, n. To nude your soul hard-core to a soft-core audience

Womanish genius, n. Female employee at the Apple Drankbuffet

Friends with benefits, n. A person with whom one shares a unie of charity

Friend zone, n. Section of the Schoolgebouw of Athens occupied by Platonists

Gf, n. (obs) Gendered term merienda applied to one&rsquo,s cis, female-identifying fucking partner

K, exclam. A letterteken of agreement, often cording

Humanae Vitae, n. Popular relationships guidebook written by Pope Paul VI

Intentionality, n. An aim of a serious matter, requiring sufficient reflection, with utter consent of free will

Love, n. A score of zero, nil

Missionary, n. One who bears the gospel of Christ

MRA (Dudes&rsquo,s Rights Activists), n. Boys who ascribe to women all the vices they detect ter themselves

NFP, n. Not For Profit disorganization

Novena, n. Nine successive rejections

One night stand, n. Single bedside table

Online dating, n. Sharing an Ethernet connection with strangers

Open, adj. Subject to switch

Open relationship, n. Subjected to exchange

Prayer, n. Asking Heer for a date, when asking others has failed

Procreative lovemaking, adj. The artistic output of youthful professionals

Radical availability, adj. Long-term unemployment

Right swipe, v. How something embarks that will end to the left, to the left

Self-Gift, v. Treat yo self!

Sexual Revolution, n. A non-consensual exchange of burgerlijk and bohemian norms

Single, n. Basic unit regarded spil finish but which can also form a component of a larger entire

Soul mate, n. One who assists on the ship ferrying a soul to Hades

Spiritual Director, n. Terrence Malick

Theology of the Figure, n. A series of letters written by John Paul II exhorting boys and women to mooipraterij each other more frequently

Tinder, n. Dry, flammable material

Titular See, n. Anticlimactic, despite anglicized pronunciation of In-Parti-bus Infideli-um

Vespers, n. Songs exchanged at sunset inbetween paramours

Zelophobia, n. Intense or irrational fear and jealousy of everything from A to Z

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