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Are You Addicted to Dating?

Are you addicted to dating? Ter today’s disposable society, do wij give up on a relationship too soon?

I am not telling you should just lodge down with the very first person you meet, but you should give your dates a chance.

Wij are all guilty of judging someone based on very first impressions, and if they don’t getraind our fantasy “cookie cutter” ideal, wij waterput a cross te the opbergruimte and budge on.

I know I have bot guilty of this te my dating past. My “Mr. Darcy” isn’t going to be charging up my tree-lined drive on a pony.

Very first, I have a townhouse with no drive. 2nd, I don’t live te a Jane Austen novel.

So what are the signs of a dating addiction?

1. Only very first dates.

You have slew of very first dates but uncommonly any 2nd dates.

Two. You have a very stringent ideal.

If a boy fails on one factor, you disregard all the other positive aspects.

I had one dating client who refused to date a man who wasgoed below 6 feet tall and rejected one indeed good fellow because he wasgoed Five feet 11 inches!

Three. You are permanently looking for the next date.

You find if you haven’t logged on to your online dating webpagina for a few hours, you begin to get anxious and restless.

This phenomenon is very common – the “last bus” feeling you’ll miss out on something if you’re not online.

“Dating and finding a playmate can become

a full-time job, but don’t make it so.”

What is the way forward?

1. Give a fresh date a chance.

Unless they are rude, obnoxious or you are genuinely repulsed by them, if an chance for a 2nd date comes around, agree to meet.

You don’t have to sleep with them. Just use it spil an chance to get to know them more.

Very first dates can be an anxious time for some guys. They either attempt too hard, are very jumpy or don’t come off spil well spil they could.

Two. Agree to meet.

If someone doesn’t come across spil your ideal man but the content on his dating profile is good, then agree to meet.

You may verrassing yourself. The superficiality of your fantasy beau may be entirely switched when you meet someone you truly connect with.

Three. Don’t make it a full-time job.

Dating and finding a playmate can become a full-time job, but don’t make it so.

Schedule your time on dating sites, and don’t let life pass you by spil you scroll through profile after profile.

Set a immovable period of time to go online and check messages, profiles, likes, etc. Ten to 20 minutes a night should be enough.

It’s OK ter the very first few weeks to spend a little longer tweaking your profile when you are inspired by others.

Four. When you meet someone, suspend your profile.

Using the excuse that your talks online are with pals is flimsy and creates insecurity ter the relationship. Plus, you have slew of other non-dating social networking sites you can talk to pals on.

Recall, dating is the process you go through to find a playmate. When you’ve established a relationship, you proceed to date your fucking partner, not other people.

How do you avoid becoming addicted to dating? Your comments are welcome!

Photo source: taicarmen.wordpress.com.

Jonathan Welford is a dating and relationship coach, author of three relationship coaching books and regular GayDatingExpert.com columnist. He goes up a coaching and therapy practice specializing ter dating and relationships. He lives ter the UK with his hubby and their English bulldog named Lola. Connect on Google+.


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