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If a man &quot,puts himself out there,&quot, he’s just &quot,semental.&quot, If a woman does it, she’s a whore.

Some studs just like to date some women for joy and then others they want to marry, what is the difference inbetween the two.

Good Question dawnM! I think some woman are just that way hey, they avail themselves to the &quot,just like to date&quot, spel. some even go for married fellows.

Well very first of all, guys who date for joy obviously only want to have a good time, which implies they’re only after one thing. Hookup! Sadly, I’ve met many guys that are degenerates that know how to woo any woman into bloembed with them, even tho’ they could indeed care less about them. Trust mij, there’s a reason why some dudes are referred to spil wolves.

One’s ash-blonde and one’s dark-haired.

dateing woman for joy, it is just one of answers of why studs dating women !

spil for your questiion, I donot think it is a effortless question to response !It maybe involves to philosophical and Genetic problem !

there are two main nature for human:eating to survival and having hookup to let you live longer ter the form of your son/dame/grandchild—

spil for what dudes are looking for from women ,I am sorry I cannot response you te detail !

Fellows marry women who give them a challenge, reminisce guys are competitive by nature. Their minds are geared to ‘winning’ so if you want to get hitched, play him spil a trophy to be won. The opposite also applies.

I’m not sure all women would understand what you’re telling. I think a loterijlot of women want the man to be strong enough to challenge himself, and doesn’t require motivation from his playmate, but more because he wants to be his best for hier and be the protector, provider.

For mij it is hier character, hier integrity. hier soul if you will. It is the feeling of convenience I get by being ter hier presence, feeling hier aura, and knowing that I affect hier ter the same way.

The most significant thing I look for ter woman is having good mutual understanding. If woman and man has good mutual understanding each other most of problems can be solved out and can live cheerfully marriage life

I think the problem here is that you are attempting to generalize what dudes want, or even indeed what guys are. They don’t all want the same things.

misunderstanding and pressure feeling they have to. :

Guys want mostly the same things ter a wifey that women want ter a spouse: stability, reliability, friendship, a sense of joy (collective common interests), the kleuter of person who makes a good parent, a good paramour, attractive.

well waterput, it is interesting tho’ how many women out there indeed want to get married but give it up on the very first date and wonder why he isn’t calling them back.

maybe the responsiblity wasgoed surplus on women !who know the situation and the atmosphere when they were dating ?

It’s somewhat violent Shadesbreath to call a woman a whore just because she likes to sleep with a man who she thinks is attractive. Have guys truly devalued a woman so quickly because she likes having hook-up with him? Dang! It’s a good thing I wasn’t expecting more than a shag!

Shade, I understand where you’re coming from. A woman’s criteria for a quickie with a stud is radically different than when she chooses to spend hopefully a lifetime with a mate. It goes the same way for boys. Wij are all hypocrites to a certain degree.

Actually I do love a pretty booty smooching. Finta a lotsbestemming

That’s because you are a man-whore.

LOL Yes I am. Mark actually just called mij a tart a few days ago. I guess there is no use to stay undercover anymore

i just want to tell misha its not good

A stud is a predictable animal! Guys do not mature mentally until the late 20’s. Women on the other mitt mature too quick! Ter fact the sooner you have hook-up with a stud, the less likely he will marry you!

Fine fair response awesome 77, I truly think that if more women could read what you wrote they would not be putting themselves out there like that and have more respect for themselves. Dudes like women who are certain te who they are and not attempting to be someone else to get the man.

Ugh, ugh, ugh. Back to the old masculine sterotype. If a man &quot,puts himself out there,&quot, he’s just &quot,pilar.&quot, If a woman does it, she’s a whore. Breathe.

I’ve had dozens and dozens of girlfriends and never stayed with any more than 1 month to a year. Every time I honestly went into it with the hope that this one would be the one I could stay with.

well Bill thank-you for the low down, I am loving all of the information

Dawn, you are a sex-expert aren’t you? Are you doing more research? I thought you knew everything?

(this is not sarcastic)

I’d say trust would very likely be my largest punt, if I were consider lodging down.

That she’s NOT a psycho b***h and rebujar like my ex wifey.

Paul, the fact that you refer to your former wifey ter those terms are more a reflection on you than on hier. Very first of all, you married hier, so there voorwaarde be something that you loved or admired about hier at some point. Secondly, if you go into a fresh relationship with that negativity, you will create a self fulfilling propecy. Instead of focusing on hier and hier shortcomings, concentrate on what you learned from your marriage and how it switched you. Best of luck.

You know, it’s funny how this topic has gotten so far off topic within only 17 posts.

Now Cags, you Truly don’t want mij to response that question, do you?

Hey Irohner, you can take a slok at it. I’ve known more female than I have masculines, and not a single one would admit that guys are not dogs. I hear it almost everyday from one female or another, just ter my daily routine.

right. I absolutely will NOT tolerate any man who cheats.

Mine does not, and I’m sure of it.

Guys are undoubtedly DOGS if they think they can F*** around and expect their woman not to.

But it’s indeed not that funny. Ter my mind, if anyone cheats, it’s gonna be mij (gravely). F*** studs who are chauvenistic. sorry moerbout the language I’m am a lady.

Also, if I wasgoed ter an age where ALL studs were dogs———I would most likely be gay.

hi, you so geluidsweerkaatsing my thoughts hectare hectare hectare your last sentence is a scream

right. And then there are women who are te &quot,no marriage relationships&quot, who are not liberate because they are monogomous and so is the dude te this case, but maybe they want marriage but just aren’t sure where it’s going and whether they will stay or not.

or both may carry the proverbial &quot,excess baggage&quot, which may or mayn’t have a time span. It could be also a preference to live te their convenience zone.

hmm, point. i suppose

Very first, a woman that they are attracted to physically, have self confidence and not needy — a loyal woman who can keep a huis (take care of children and hier man), while earning online, LOL,

For mij, this is a fairly effortless question to response. I look for a woman who is socially acceptable, physically attractive (to an extent), has similar interests spil mij and someone who is not &quot,effortless&quot. Spil long spil the woman fits this basic criteria, she would be marriage material for mij.

Hi schoolgirlforreal, I have bot asked this question so many times and i can give my opinion on it but then that wouldnt be much joy, I like to hear what people have to say and I alway love to see how a woman answers the question spil opposed to a man, quiebro interesting.

right, I zuigeling of thought so. any interesting conclusions? feel free to analyze mij if you want, or send mij a message albeit I prob didn’t do well!!

Wow the elusive semi-attractive woman who will have our kids, raise them well and water
put up with our crap. Not too many of them out there.

Youngsters won’t admit this, but consciously or subconsciously I think they choose someone that reminds them of Moeder.

what’s your moeder look like?

I think they want to marry a woman that is challenging enough for them , that is not an open book from the very beginning, that can be a best friend, a paramour, a lady all te one. She vereiste be different every day and a continous source of inspiration.

this is a difficult one because every man has their own taste spil well spil before you get marry they may say they want one thing then the next another which mamma waterput strain on a marriage. some boys likes women with independence while other dont! its just hard to say

I suppose this thread calls mij to the defense of my aventajado gender, albeit I should not presume to define every guy’s true intent. While it is true that boys are moved by a biological drive to divide and conquer it should be noted that wij did not create ourselves with so pathetic a purpose te mind. That wij are driven to such completes is biologically who wij are. Having acknowledged that wij studs voorwaarde function underneath the weight of such cargo is not a license to do so without responsibility. It is simply significant to recognized that wij are so driven. It is said that fellows give love to get lovemaking and that women give hook-up to get love. I suspect there is truth to the statement. Ter the end, however, both studs and women use what they have to somehow obtain the same thing, that which they want. Whether it is nobler to pusue love rather than lovemaking depends, I suppose, on the mechanism that drives human desire. If either pursuit is rooted ter honesty then there is little slagroom for verrassing or dissapointment. A women who is after marriage is no less guilty if she is using lovemaking to get what she is after.

There are so many things which lead a man to marriage. but, I would note that the absence of sexual attraction is not one of them, rather I would endorse the premise, that the more I love hier, the more sexually appealing she becomes. It is neither hookup strafgevangenis man, strafgevangenis woman that creates an obstacle to marriage. Ter the end, it is the elusive chemistry that draws us together and however hookup may not be the voertuig that gets us from a to b, it certainly enhances the rail.

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