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Online dating lies could land you a date

By Alana Schetzer

Thinking of sprinkling your online dating profile with a few lies to boost your chances of finding love? Think again.

Experts have warned that lonely hearts need to be truthful about themselves following the prosecution of a man who claimed to be a muscle-bound blonde named “Jamie” but wasgoed ter fact a regular Joe of Indian descent.

Reality bites: Telling lies on dating sites can have serious consequences.

His victim, a woman he met through the dating webstek Oasis, had hier eyes closed during their sexual encounter and only realised the man wasgoed not who he said wasgoed after their date.

Influencing a person to have lovemaking with you through fraud, threats or intimidation can lead to Ten years te jail.

While Deepak Dhankar, 29, awaits sentencing for his crime, Griffith University lecturer ter Criminology, Jacqueline Drew, said there wasgoed a big difference inbetween lounging about yourself online and lounging te order to commit a crime.

&quot,Whilst embellishment of a profile may be disappointing for an individual when they meet someone who is not what they have purported to be, this may not necessarily constitute a criminal act,&quot, Dr Drew said.

&quot,Te all circumstances, if the online dating profile is used to voeling victims for the purpose of perpetrating a crime or a crime subsequently occurs, victims should voeling police and report the incident.&quot,

She said the case highlighted the need for online daters to be aware that those who they are talking to may not be who they say they are.

&quot,Whilst many dating websites have processes te place to verify the identities of users and eliminate profiles that are found to be fraudulent, this remains a challenge,&quot, Dr Drew said.

There have bot several latest cases involving guys charged with procuring sexual invasion by threats or fraud. Ter 2012, Steve Onnis, 36, pleaded guilty to six charges of procuring sexual invasion by threats or fraud when he pretended to be a woman online who wasgoed seeking employees for an adult business.

He recorded them on Skype or MSN message exposing themselves and performing lovemaking acts. Afterwards, he met up with the victims, aged inbetween 16 and 20, claiming to be a business scout.

At the time, Judge Mark Gamble said: &quot,Victims may feel ashamed and embarrassed about coming forward,&quot, adding that deterrence wasgoed an significant creador ter sentencing.

Ter a case ter Canberra earlier this month, 52-year-old Akis Emmanouel Livas wasgoed sentenced to eight months te jail after he tricked a hook-up worker into having hook-up with him. He deceived the woman when he liedje about having money inwards an envelope for hier.

Slater and Gordon senior criminal lawyer Ersel Akpinar charges of stalking and charges relating to &quot,sexting&quot, and &quot,vengeance porn&quot, could also occur from online dating.

&quot,When two people start conversing online it is significant that they are mindful of language and tone,&quot, he said. &quot,Sending graphic text messages or commencing an explicit discussion online that is not welcomed by the recipient can lead to potential criminal charges.&quot,

Sue Yorston, manager for social inclusion at Relationships Australia (Conquista), said online dating wasgoed similar to applying for a job, and that some people felt tempted to open up the truth to emerge more appealing.

&quot,People may minimise certain aspects of themselves and that may not be truthful. It can be done ter an virginal light, which is indeed fairly different to someone attempting to manipulate another person,&quot, she said.

Ms Yorston urged online daters to be truthful, without providing away private details.

&quot,Honesty is the best policy, and that’s appreciated by the other party,&quot, she said. &quot,If wij’re looking to develop a relationship, honesty and trust is the foundation.&quot,

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