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She will be so worried that something terrible has happened to hier man.

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Have you determined you want to end your relationship with hier? Well, Here’s a few examples of what not to do and the worst ways you could pauze up with a woman.

If you don’t want a bad pauze up – one involving fights, ongoing schouwspel’s and insults, please DON’T pauze up with your gf thesis ways.

The Worst Ways You Can Pauze Up With A Woman:

  • When you tell hier or imply you don’t want to proceed the relationship because there is something physical about hier that you don’t like.

For example, by telling she’s waterput on too much weight, or you want a dame with larger breasts – This has the potential to cause long term self esteem issues, diet problems, assets issues. She may also think that if she diets or gets a breast enhancement you would then take hier back. So, she may be back for another attempt merienda she’s succesnummer the Gym for a month. Blaming hier physical characteristics for causing the pauze up is utterly nasty. Just think, you wouldn’t want something like this said to you so don’t mention it to hier (Even if hier physical attributes are part of the reason you want to end the relationship).

The woman hasn’t got a clue what to think, and is most likely going to crank out! Maybe for a long time. She may also end up contacting all your friends and family wanting some information about what is going on with you, she may suspect the worst such spil you’ve had an accident etc. She will be so worried that something terrible has happened to hier man. It will deeply affect hier, at huis, at work, with friends. The “Silent Treatment” breakup may primarily relive you of having to face hier for a while, but she will eventually succeed te tracking you down, and it could be at your work place! Or even your parents house. This is a bad pauze up choice! Please don’t consider it!

  • When you’ve determined to pauze up with hier, but avoid telling hier, instead you remain ter voeling with hier somewhat but keep your distance. She only finds out when she sees you with your fresh woman!

You’re tied to cause schouwspel! And possibly a cat fight! It will give your fresh woman a bad impression of you, especially if she sides with your ex when she hears from hier, herself that you are still te a relationship. This is called two timing. You won’t look good ter any one’s eyes. You will cause toneelstuk ter your fresh relationship.

  • When you tell hier you’re leaving hier because you’ve met someone you like more than hier.

She may just attempt to find out who this damsel is that’s evidently much better than hier. She may also accuse you of cheating. She may attempt to voeling you (and/or hier) on Facebook and via SMS when she’s having an angry uur fantasising about what you may be doing with hier. You have given hier nightmares spil well spil cracking hier heart. You will make hier angry, with you and your fresh fucking partner, and there will be a thousand questions overheen the next few weeks – When did you meet hier? Did you smooch hier while the two of you were still technically a duo? Are you with hier tonight? You don’t need to be bothered by all of this toneelstuk while you are attempting to stir on, so that’s something to keep to yourself. It’s not hier fault if you determined to pursue a fresh relationship, so don’t involve hier ter it.

  • When you announce you want to pauze up on a special occasion.

When she’s already bought your favourite things and packaged them up under the Christmas tree, and you open them up and start to feast the day with your friends and families, and after your superb day of festivities together, you tell hier you want to pauze up. Leaving hier with a devastating Christmas (or Bday, or Valentines Day). Even next Christmas she’ll recall what a horrible day she had. Maybe even the following year. You don’t need a ‘special event’ to reminisce your pauze up by, so don’t wait until then to end it.

  • When you tell hier friend/s that you’re going to pauze up with hier, before you tell hier.

Don’t involve third parties te your breakups! It does NOT help ease hier anguish, it will only embarrass hier! And you’ll be potentially creating a entire group of enemies by doing that, spil hier friends will ultimately side with hier. Uncommonly could a friend keep that kleuter of information from hier too.

  • When you determine to tell hier it’s overheen by switching your relationship status on Facebook (or any other social networking webpagina) BEFORE you actually tell hier.

This can cause a loterijlot of voeling and gossip from 3rd parties, ie: your mutual online friends (or even friends of friends) some of whom may be relatives and/or work colleague’s, which could lead to some unwanted online voeling and comments left on either of your profiles. Besides, it’s just not classy! It’s better to update your profile status, after you’ve deleted hier from your friends list (And any of hier friends who will notice the fresh status and pass the news on to hier ter seconds!).

The end of a relationship is infrequently effortless for both parties, but you can make it lighter on yourself and your fucking partner just by finding the courage to speak about your feelings and by acknowledging each others feelings too. You should behave with dignity and respect for the other person when you’re going to end your love relationship with them. This goes for both masculines and females when ending a love relationship.

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