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That awkward ogenblik when you go on a dating webstek and you realize those profiles are the people who are on your Facebook.

Funny Things to Waterput spil Your Facebook Status

You can make a excellent joy today by posting thesis funny quotes and phrases on your Facebook status, Instagram bio or on your Twitter pagina. This is my largest collection of adorable Facebook quotes and you can share thesis one liner jokes anywhere on the internet or you can also generate a crazy meme by putting thesis sayings on some funny pics.

  1. My pc is being weird it doesn’t let mij postbode on your wall.
  2. That awkward uur when you can’t sleep and for the very first time te a long time there is no one is on the Facebook.
  3. You got noticed because of your Facebook picture. You edited the picture, and showcased your assets parts. So now you’re popular on a Social Network. How does that make you feel?
  4. That awkward uur when your boss/team leader stalks your Facebook public profile and finds out you got a fresh job before you could tell hier.
  5. I like to do my final psychology project on Facebook, where women are more prone to tell the lie and guys are more likely to make flirts.
  6. That funny uur when you find your elementary schoolgebouw crush on Facebook and you see he’s still spil nice spil the day you chased him around the playground!
  7. I believe all Facebook users have to delete their account at least merienda te a year just on attitude, so they won’t let themselves get snotty about it.
  8. That awkward uur when you’re attempting to delete pictures and your Facebook won’t let you.
  9. My recommendation to you is to abandon Facebook before death.
  10. That awesome uur when your own mother calls you a fog on Facebook!
  11. I don’t care how modern this Facebook community, but a stupid lady will always be judged by hier Facebook status.
  12. I am damn busy right now but you can still call mij for a dinner tonight.
  13. The awkward uur when you find out your mom gets more likes on Facebook than you.
  14. You can use Facebook entire night if you don’t like to login early ter the morning.
  15. That awkward uur when you commence updating your Facebook with a “that ogenblik” status and it deteriorates into an even meaningless status!
  16. I like my own FB status and cheers with my rekentuig mouse.
  17. Awkward ogenblik when you’re going through Facebook on you’re phone and all the unexpected you klapper like on someone’s postbode or what not that you certainly didn’t mean to.
  18. Sometimes too much online or text talk with your gf is hardly sufficient.
  19. That awkward uur when you don’t know how to reply to a Facebook comment, so you just klapper the like button.
  20. There’s nothing wrong with Facebook, if you are te the habit of making fake friends.
  21. That awkward uur when you know that someone that has blocked you is on someone else’s profile just to stalk you.
  22. I admit I’m an maniac, it doesn’t matter what I’m addicted to because I know wij all addicted to it.
  23. That awkward uur when you’re looking at your Facebook wall, and honestly don’t reminisce posting your last postbode because you were just that tired.
  24. Yes, I’m a Facebook maniac, but I’m glad I’m not alone. Just because you don’t comment, update your status, or like it. Just sitting there like a stalker man, it doesn’t mean you’re not one too. Yes, because you just read this stupid status, you too are a FB maniac.
  25. The awkward moments you attempt to creep on someone’s Facebook and realize you’ve bot blocked.
  26. Facebook used to be so cool and joy and everybody were on it 24/7. A lotsbestemming of events ter my life happened because of Facebook, including my last Trio breakups.
  27. That awkward uur when you diegene because you didn’t share a picture that wasgoed cursed on Facebook.
  28. Awkward uur when you’re listening to a song and reading the news feed on the Facebook, and then you all of a unexpected get a notification and embark randomly dancing.
  29. That dumb up uur when you’re bored and you commence posting awkward moments on the Facebook.
  30. You are a Facebook junkie when you’re out somewhere and you are thinking about what your Facebook status should be when you get huis.
  31. That awkward uur when you make eye voeling with and nod at someone you’re friends with on Facebook and realize that they have no idea who you are.
  32. You know how Facebook gets suggested pages on your news feed? Well, I’m pretty sure they are under the impression that I am very beautiful.
  33. That awkward uur when you see someone that you are friends with on Facebook but you don’t know them personally, you say hello and they look at you like you are crazy then you go to explain how you somewhat know them.
  34. That awkward ogenblik when you go on a dating webstek and you realize those profiles are the people who are on your Facebook.
  35. It’s indeed pathetic when you have to go Facebook and dual check when is your friend’s bday, what is your friend thinking, where did your friend go, and what is your friend presently eating.
  36. Awkward uur when Facebook suggests you add your older half brother that you’ve never met te your entire life.
  37. The awkward uur when you realize that you’re using your laptop and phone on the Facebook at that same time.
  38. The awkward ogenblik where you are truly frustrated about something but can’t Facebook about it because of your stupid lawful good alignment!
  39. That awkward ogenblik when you run across a few pictures of him still left te your phone, and now you don’t have the heart to delete them!
  40. Awkward ogenblik when everyone thinks it’s your bday because you liedje about your age on the Facebook.
  41. That awkward ogenblik when you visit your 2-3 years old Facebook posts and see how much you and the things around you have switched.
  42. That awkward ogenblik when Facebook attempts to make you add someone that’s bot dead overheen a year spil a friend.
  43. That awkward uur when somebody announces that they back on the Facebook, while you didn’t even notice they were gone.
  44. That awkward uur when you look around the Facebook and find two people with the same profile pics!
  45. That awkward uur when two people begin funny comments on your serious Facebook status.
  46. The awkward uur when Facebook determines to voorstelling you all the pictures of chicks your ex likes.
  47. That awkward ogenblik when you postbode on Facebook “LMS for a Tbh” and nobody likes it.
  48. That awkward uur when a dame puts hier picture on the Facebook and she looks like Lady Gaga and you just want to punch hier ter the face for wearing so much makeup!
  49. That awkward uur when Facebook asks you “Do you know thesis people te efectivo life?” and you are compelled to response, I know them through the internet. isn’t that efectivo enough?
  50. That awkward ogenblik when you have Ten tabs open and 9 of them are Facebook pages.

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