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The Dating Industry – The Business Of Dating

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Group Presentation on The Dating Industry

[ Size Revenues Profits and Trends ]

The dating industry is comprised of matchmakers, newspaper and tijdschrift individual ads, telephone talk lines, singles caf, nightclubs geared toward singles, speed dating organizations and internet dating services. Internet dating services began to take form with the advent of the very first major player ter the online industry, Match.com ter 1995. Years zometeen, Match.com has maintained its place spil the best known, most reliable resource and largest network for online dating.

Since the begin of the fresh millennium the online dating industy grew rapidly from year to year. The industry grew by 73% ter 2002 and 77% te 2003. Ter 2004, however, those high numbers began to druppel. The 2004 online dating market grew by only 19%. Former Vice Voorzitter of romance for Match.com, Trish McDermott, reported a 154% growth te revenue, from $49.Three million ter 2001 to $125.Two million ter 2002. According to McDermott, earnings for the very first quarter of that year amounted to $40.9 million, profits were $36.1 million ter 2002 frente a $Two.7 million ter 2001. “This is a massive business,” said Roben Farzad, a writer for SmartMoney tv-programma ter September, 2005 www.smartmoney.com. “It’s succesnummer an absolute homerun.”

The Web has revolutionized this business and has brought affordable and convenient matchmaking to the masses. This market is a now a $1 billion business te the U S. Presently with the US market saturated with overheen 1000 dating websites, things are slowing down and leveling out. Llamativo growth statistics were approximately 70% a year, but by 2006, the growth of the industry slowed to just 10%. Dating webstek revenues grew only Four.5% last year. It is expected that this downward growth trend will proceed through the year 2011. At present the online dating industry is a 700 million dollar industry. Because of the decline te industry growth, dating sites have focused on enlargening conversions of viewers into paying subscribers te order to keep growing.

The single population overheen the age of Eighteen te the United States is estimated to be inbetween 92 and 100 million people. Of that number, approximately 16 million have attempted online dating services. The promedio price of online dating services is inbetween $20 and $30 dollars a month. It wasgoed primarily a very lucrative business to be ter with online dating services soaring ter popularity since 2001 and signifying almost 50% of the dating market’s value. Spil more and more singles migrate to free social networking sites, however, the profitability of dating services is narrowing to those services with the best reputations and largest network communities.

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