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Topic: Why Tinder and Online Dating don – t work, MGTOW

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So I’m pretty sure you all know by now that online dating doesn’t work.

Here are the facts: I’m a good looking dude with the right online profile and pics and I get 0 dates from different dating sites, why is that?

The reason is that every female who is at least “acceptable looking” gets on media 30 messages vanaf day. They get so many that they don’t bother on visiting the sites or going tho’ them, any message you send them won’t even be read, no matter if you’re a “hunk”.

Te Mexico, online super loser ugly women or old single mothers use dating sites since society puts good shame on using thesis sites since just like te the USA women get too much attention from needy studs regardless of how they look and so using dating sites for them is unnecessary. If you find an attractive profile ter Mexico it’s very likely a fake one to start with.

Te the USA spil stated above, too many needy fellows providing them attention, empowering them with attention, the society is more individualistic so using dating webpagina does come across women’s mind often and you can find a few attractive ones, but after being messaged 30 times vanaf day again your chances of dating them are fully gone.

I never everzwijn got a date from somebody I contacted online te the USA or MEX.

Now it wasgoed the turn of Europe, for the very first time of my life (and being a good looking man) I got my very first online date everzwijn here te Prague, the woman ter question wasgoed a adorable 20 year old Russian. Russians I’ve found out are the most likely women to go out with you from online sites since they are onmiddellijk, don’t play games and many don’t live te their motherland and since people don’t like them for being Russians then they don’t have social circles and are friendly and open to dating, but they are a infrequent exception.

Here I have gone on more online dates but mostly ter sites where you don’t get to see the women and thesis turned out to be not so attractive. Spil far spil contacting adorable damsels online, mostly the same, 0 dates after too much effort.

Now when it comes to Tinder, I had a friend who wasgoed getting many dates/banging damsels from Tinder, he’s also one of those fortunate 20/80 guys who gets all the women ter any environment and of course also treats them spil disposable things (which women love albeit they say they don’t, you know women logic)

So I pimped my Tinder profile with awesome shots of mij surfing, some stunning shots, some social shots, and te about Two months I’ve gotten more than 60 matches! How many dates have I actually gotten after that? 1, 1 stupid date out of 60 matches and hours of conversations that led nowhere, worst thing is that I’m using exactly the same lines/ideas that my 20/80 friend is using but he gets dates/laid all the time time and I don’t which seems to have no explanation.

Also if I have 60 matches, the reality is that attractive women get about 600 matches! Not only that, but on my quest to find answers I paid $Five to a “Tinder-Guru” who talent mij a guide about what to say etc which ter the end also didn’t make a difference but this stud says something that seems to be be screwed up and disturbing, which is:

Us boys spil logical creatures wij use Tinder with the objective of getting a date/getting laid. I mean, after all it is a “Dating app” meant for “Dating”, pretty logical huh?

Well, according to this experienced and which is very likely true is that women don’t use Tinder with that purpose, for women, the objective of using Tinder is conversation, and the objective is conversation itself (women logic).

So of course his strategy is to keep the conversation going until stupid women realize “wow, I’ve spent many hours talking to this fellow, he gets mij, I feel a connection, I might permit him to go out with me”

This is of course, very likely and sadly true. Te the end spil a masculine you have to invest hours of your life having conversation with numerous women with the hopes of she providing you permission to go out with hier. Again, it is always women the ones with the power, and after all the effort and realizing that I’m 32 years old then I wonder “Is it indeed worth it?”, “To invest so many hours of my life sort of begging another human being of the opposite hookup to have a human interaction with mij?” “Are women truly worth this prize?” After pondering on thesis things it merienda again made mij realize that the purpose of finding a woman wasgoed just nonsense.

Why did I use Tinder or online dating on the very first place anyways you ask? Well, I work spil a freelance translator, work at huis, all of my friends are married and their acquaintances are married so it’s not joy to drape out with them anymore strafgevangenis then can provide single female acquaintances for mij to meet, and this is the problem that people who are getting older always face te their social lives so Online dating seemed like the response, but I guess not. Please coment.

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