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Totally Clever Budge.

I have bot with my gf for about Two years now and would do anything for hier. she honestly is the one i think i want to spend the surplus of my life with but recently my dad had drug addiction problems my mom works and goes to schoolgebouw and my sisters bf hits hier plus i go to schoolgebouw and have work to worry about. she always attempts to help mij with my problems and i usually let hier unless i just do not feel like talking about it because i dont want hier to get caught up ter problems and have more stress than she has to. sometimes she will text mij at times that i cant txt hier back and began to get angry and last sunday i didnt hear from hier at all i txted and called hier but she wouldnt react so i wasgoed a bit worried. the next day at schoolgebouw i met hier coming into schoolgebouw like i always do and asked hier why she didnt call mij back and she told mij that she didnt want to talk to mij when i asked hier why she told mij because i dont do anything for hier and do not contribute to the relationship which pissed mij off because i attempt and do everything i can for hier spil i said i love hier more than anything. then i did yell a little telling that i dont always have time to txt or call hier back right away sometimes then i walked away because i did not want to say anything id regret. then she left mij alone for like Five zoogmoeder then came downstairs ter schoolgebouw shoved mij into a wall and screamed ter my face about how i dont do anything which indeed made mij mad because she has no right or reason to waterput hier palms on mij like that so i walked away again for the same reason and went into my class but she stood outside and told mij to come back out so i did. when i did i asked hier why she didnt call mij yesterday and she told mij that hier mom told hier to give mij a &quot,taste of my own medicine&quot, which is indeed childish for a 34 year old woman then she began weeping and talked to mij about everything but still telling i dont do anything for the 3rd time so i told hier im just gna walk away but she came back a 4th time. at this point im indeed mad and told hier wij were cracking up. now she will not talk to mij and blamed the entire thing on mij telling that &quot,i broke up with hier&quot, but i dont think it wasgoed entirely my fault and i shouldnt be the only person appologizing. i indeed just want hier back however she wasgoed my very first everything nd i wasgoed hier very first so i know that she still loves mij but hier friend and mom i know are manipulating hier and telling hier what to do because i know how she is and i know she would not do this on hier own. i just dont know what i should do

Totally Clever Budge. You were indeed right to walk away.

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