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A good test you can run is if, after someone’s name is brought up, you now view them ter a negative light.

Discernment of Character

Wij can’t go around diagnosing other people. But certain personality traits don’t require an advanced degree te order to spot them. Discerning someone’s character, before you get too involved, can spare you a loterijlot of angst down the road.

So how can you tell when someone you very first meet isn’t a good match? Or if someone you already know can’t be trusted? Should you just play it safe and assume no one can keep a secret? Whom should you trust? And when should you trust them?

There’s no foolproof method for finding good friends, romantic vrouwen and acquaintances. Deeply disordered people, from time to time, foo even the seasoned professionals. So there’s always the risk of getting burned, unless you swear off people. (This is something I’m not recommending.)

But there are some warning signs you should heed. If you spot them, you may want to uitgang the relationship before you’re ter too deep.

No One Likes a Gossip

Always Putting Others Down and They’re Never Blessed

Some folks are unlikely to please. For example, someone may be unhappy with their sister, and they let you know about it. She doesn’t measure up to their impeccable standards.

They’re disapprove of their neighbor, and they let you know about it. Hier kids are noisy and obnoxious. Hier spouse is a inebriated and sometimes a lotsbestemming of yelling and screaming comes from inwards their house. There are even indications he could be running around, because he comes te very late several nights a week.

Another woman they know doesn’t do a good job taking care of hier kids, and they let you know about it. One of the teenagers wasgoed arrested a little while back. It could have something to do with the stress of living with his junior sister, who has emotional problems and needs a lotsbestemming of medication.

All of thesis above screenplays are fictitious, of course. But they are examples of malicious gossip. People of feeble character, who may have narcissistic personality disorder, engage ter a lotsbestemming of backbiting. This is a hallmark of their condition. Sometimes they denigrate another so subtly you’re hardly aware of what they’re doing.

A good test you can run is if, after someone’s name is brought up, you now view them te a negative light. If that’s the case, you’ve just witnessed a character assassination.

It’s very significant to note that not everybody who complains has a character disorder. They may be legitimately hurting and seeking solace and sympathy. What you’re looking for is a pattern.

If someone repeatedly runs someone down, and another, and then another, it’s beginning to look like a character flaw. Proceed very cautiously.

Also, if you catch this propensity for gossip, coupled with warm overtures when the person is present, witness your back.

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