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Do you think it – s okay to pauze up with someone by texting or by email?

Do you think it’s okay to pauze up with someone by texting or by email?

No, I toevluchthaven’t done this, strafgevangenis would I everzwijn do this. I think out of respect for the other person’s feelings it should always be done ter person. They are going to be hurt enough from the pauze up. Spil the old telling goes &quot,man up&quot, and accept your responsibilities.

JThomp42 – I wonder if guys view it differently than women at times? Maybe it’s one thing to do a disappearing act, or avoid a person-to-person discussion to avoid an awkward toneel. But I do see the points others have made about safety issues, etc.

Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander for wanting to breakup with hier! She slok him te the face, cut his mouth from ear to ear and stabbed him 27 times! He should have broke up via text or email. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/02/jodi-aria

I’ve never ended a relationship that way. However I do recall ter another era before computers, cell phones, and answering machines some people wrote &quot,Dear John&quot, letters. Texting and email breakups are the (modern day) Dear John letterteken te my opinion.

Breakups have always bot done at the convenience level of the person ending a relationship. No matter how things go down it’s the same result ter the end. Someone has determined their life would be better off without us te it. 🙂

I like your point about the guiding force being the convenience level of the one ending the relationship, DashingScorpio – I agree. I confess I’ve ended at least a few relationships by phone or email. Sometimes it wasgoed due to distance, but not always.

Hi Marcy. After laughing. I determined I would response this. I wasgoed just thinking. hmmm. when I wasgoed &quot,dating or going stable&quot, whatever the term is thesis days. all wij had wasgoed smoke signal.

But now, gravely. I don’t know if one could be any more impersonal, than to pauze off a relationship by text. &quot,Hey. It’s Overheen. See ya.&quot, .

I suppose, if there’s a long distance involved, a phone call, email or letterteken (preferably. The old &quot,dear John.&quot,) would be acceptable. However, the most acceptable and least ineens, would be face to face. Courtesy and respect still matters, even if you’re about to &quot,kick him to the curb.&quot, LOL. The person being &quot,discarded&quot, is more than likely going to ask for reasons. Oops, GULP! Let’s be adult about this.

Hey. regardless, spil Neil Sedaka sang, &quot,Violating Up is Hard to Do.&quot, If I recall correctly, personally, I never had a problem with this. By the time I had reached THAT point, I wasgoed deadly. hahahahahahahaha! Good question, Marcy. Can’t wait to read the comments!!

Oh boy, have times everzwijn switched, fpherj! I think there are differences based on the age group you’re ter, too. Dating te teenagers & 20s is different than when you’re older. And I’ve heard many stories of people meeting scary characters online.

Also wij voorwaarde keep ter mind that many couples today (meet) online and they most likely feel it is okay to end things that way spil well.

How to pauze up should be a private decision based on the maturity and mental state of both parties. Zindelijk etiquette is not always common sense. If the person who needs to be &quot,dumped&quot, has turned out to be obsessed, dangerous, or anything else that makes one very awkward, an e-mail, phone call, or text could be a wise decision.

I think you listed good reasons to pauze up from afar rather than ter person, Levertis. Yes, it can be suitable to pauze up without doing it ter person.

Good thoughts. My initial resonse to this question wasgoed no because of poor etiquette but your reaction has made mij re-think. Thanks.

If it’s someone you’ve just bot dating and don’t want to proceed to see, I think it’s ok. But if you pauze up a committed relationship via text it doesn’t give the dumpee closure, so they are more likely to send you several texts and attempt to call you to talk about it, so you’d be better to at least tell them via a phone conversation, so that they won’t proceed attempting to voeling you wanting a zindelijk or further explaination.

Yes, strictlydating – some people want to know the ‘reasons,’ but I’m not sure it’s wise to do that. Relationships are two-way (or else they aren’t relationships), so if it’s not a gezond for one party, it’s no longer two-way.

I say it’s overheen to guys I’m casually dating by text or email. but, te my defense, let mij clarify. I don’t use the phone for talking. I’m a TOTAL texter. If someone doesn’t text (there are still folks out there that don’t), they can email mij or even. mail mij a letterteken! I only check my mailbox merienda a week so indeed they should text or email mij. I’m asked out by text, &quot,talk&quot, by text and email, so this is just a natural extension of the way I already communicate with the person I wasgoed dating. Some people say you can’t find a job te the workplace unless you use the phone. Not true anymore. Employers request interviews with mij by email. My last ‘deskjob’ didn’t even have a phone at the desk. I emailed only to reach other people from work! So, I think the days where talking on the phone wasgoed the vaandel are passing away. and that ripples out to all areas of our lives, including ending a relationship.

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