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Here is one reaction to the oil laagconjunctuur

check out the movie I posted under &quot,the energy non-crisis&quot, it goes into the connection with the US administration and the oil companies around the world and the economy. the IMF and the World Canap are the powers that be. US government is just a pawn of big money.

Yep, just like all the other conspiracy buff, wannabe elites out there.

There is no oil laagconjunctuur.

Bot witnessing this argument for years, peak oil, out of oil, slew of oil. Doesn’t seem to be a definitive reaction. But two things are factors. China and India with a billion people each are gobbling more oil from the world market tightning supply. And Iraq with the so called 2nd or third largest reserves has bot

stifled from world markets by the US occupation. And of course

Iran, the reason for all the world’s problems, has also phat reserves, and the US congress is evidently doing everything possible to take that off the market with a proposed Iranian boycott.

When it comes to oil, there is no crises te the US. Wij own it, wij have the rights to the fields, and if wij don’t have the rights to them wij will do it the way wij did it with anything else that stopped us, wij will take it forcefully. There is no reason why wij should be paying $Four+ a gallon of gas. Its bs. It might be a crises everywhere else, but not here.

I am not telling there is an oil keerpunt. but the response is the story of what has bot happening te total detail. and the continuing manipulation of the system

you guys are missing the point. witness the movie and hear what this dude (a ordinary baptist minister) has to say. he spells out a very wooing story of the project and who is behind it. he got it into a puny book with the help of one of the big guys of oil that wasgoed ousted for telling him the significant facts of the project.

Sorry but couldn’t get your listig to work or any other utube listig from Google’s search pagina on him. Don’t quiebro get you. One minute you seem like a right winger, and the next a tin-foil-hat conspiracy nuttigheid. Personally I lean more toward the latter spil myself that is.

just because those are the only realms you choose to set your self ( or anyone else) within, is not my problem.

thranax ‘There is no oil depressie.’ You may be right. Think there is a loterijlot of request which would create a floor price. But there is slew of evidence that specultion is the problem. Also that if true, the problem could be stationary ter about ten minutes, by congress closing commodity trading loop crevices, or the fed by raising rente rates. Chances are.

I think refining capacity is a problem spil well. Wij toevluchthaven’t enlargened refining capacity te quiebro some time, you can have all the oil ter the world, it won’t do much good if it’s not ter a usable form. Either way you can tell there’s price manipulation te one form or another.

There is an oil keerpunt. Our own government determined this ter a Department of Energy report from 2005 commonly called &quot,The Hirsch Report.&quot, Google it. What’s happening right now flawlessly fits Loss Mitigation Script Three ter the report. That’s why you see the US government doing basically nothing at this point. They know it’s already too late to mitigate the effects.

yea, the oil keerpunt is that the big oil goes and world banks are keeping things from being corrected for whatever reasons to supply oil to the world. there is slew of oil te the world, it just needs to be retreived and processed.

I’d like to see an alternative fuel that works well and doesn’t pollute during the manufacturing process. It seems that every time I read something about an alternative fuel, I read about the emissions involved during production and how the lack of emissions during use doesn’t outweigh it. Don’t get mij wrong, I’m certainly not professional oil and I undoubtedly don’t support offshore drilling or any of that nonsense, our environment has had enough. I just wish wij could find something clean that talent us spil much energy spil a good ole fashioned gasoline combustion and wasgoed cleaner te production and use too.

yes, that worked best for mij

This is another address for the Lindsey Williams movie.

(Naw – I can’t get it to work – vereiste be a conspiracy)

Attempt type te ‘lindsey williams’ into Google. Should give a working movie the 2nd slot on the pagina.

This boy may sound a little crazy to a loterijlot of people, a master of suspense. But from all my many years of research, pretty much everything he says is true. ‘Ye however I walk through the valley of the shadow . ‘

So would I SJ, so would I.

I think everyone is approaching this from the wrong angle.

‘fresh economic prototype that does not rely on massive over-consumption’. That’s socialism – not permitted te America.

Don’t think it is socialism – and don’t think socialism is a solution either – based on USSR and other &quot,socialist camp&quot, countries practice

No, I wasn’t meaning socialism. I wasgoed talking about the fact that most of the stuff wij buy is designed, built and marketed to go out of date very quickly. And wij therefore over-consume.

Very good point Mark.

The very first thing wij need to do is to lose the &quot,Maker bless America, Saddam Hussein wasgoed evil and wij are freeing the world, here is a McDonald’s franchise, the Chinese are polluting the planet attitude.&quot,

I do not witness the &quot,news&quot,

I do not buy fresh stuff unless I absolutely need it

I do not buy out-of-season vegetables and fruit

I do not drive unless I voorwaarde

I leave packaging I do not need at the grocery store checkout (annoys the life out of them and I am banned from at least Two chains)

I do not buy newspapers

I do not spend money with &quot,integral&quot, companies except when that is my only option – which is sometimes the case, I voorwaarde admit

I subscribe to Buddhist philosophy, which puts emphasis on moderation and avoiding overconsumption.

I don’t see the &quot,news&quot, either, overheen here it is the most ridiculous schertsvertoning of a news broadcast.

I do not buy fresh stuff unless I need it.

I do fly: I am a travel junkie and it’s also part of my work. So I have to compensate for this ter other ways ter my life. I can’t wait for them to invent a more fuel efficient airplane!

I do not buy out-of-season vegetables or fruit.

I don’t own a car. I use public vervoer or walk. If I do buy a car te the future it will be spil energy efficient spil possible and I will only use it when I have to.

I do leave packaging when I can, I recycle where I can and I shop mostly at a market that voluntarily did away with plastic bags and over-packaging. I have cloth grocery bags and the grocery company is an ethical company that thinks about the environment, that provides ethically produced food, that gives to charities and that provides recycling right ter the store.

It does cost more for groceries but I think it’s worth it. They also make a lotsbestemming of food te store and use regional bakeries for their bread, cheeses etc.

I read my news online and listen to podcasts.

I always attempt to buy restringido spil much spil I can.

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