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Online Dating: Very first Date Ideas


When you’re online dating, very first date ideas can be difficult to come up with—especially if you’re going on dates pretty regularly. Sure, you might have your go-to date project, the one you know you can always count on to be a welgevoeglijk very first date, but if you’re averaging several dates a month, even Old Faithful is going to get…well…old after a while.

Since wij all live ter various geographical areas around the world, every idea on this list very likely won’t help you, but some will…we hope. Wij attempted to take into account both you City Slickers, you Country Dwellers, and you In-Betweeners.

Here are Five very first date ideas:

If you live ter a city, you’ll have to set aside your snobbery against all things tourist-y for a little while and waterput on your explorer hat instead. A very first date is a good time to go back to some of those things that very first drew you into the city te which you now live. Or, te some of your cases, to visit some of the places you’ve yet to go to because they’re “too tourist-y.” If you live ter Houston, meet your date at the Space Center for a tour or go to Cafe du Monde if you are te Fresh Orleans. What about the Clinton Presidential Library for those of you ter Little Rock or Graceland for those of you ter Memphis? Take hier to the Coca-Cola museum if you’re te Atlanta or take a Segway tour if you’re ter Austin. Becoming a tourist helps both of you set aside pretenses and just love each others’ company.

Concerts are fine, but you can’t truly get to talk to someone if you’re sitting among 30,000 other people ter a big strijdperk. That’s why wij indeed like the Bands te Town app. It’s a good way to locate any live music that’s going on ter your area—from big concerts to your dearest troubadour playing at the tópico coffee shop. Use the app to find someone who’s playing—maybe even someone neither of you know.

Three. Amuse Yourselves

That’s right. We’re suggesting you channel your inward child and kasstuk up the regional vertier park. Go to Six Flags or Disney World, if you’re a fortunate restringido. Rail the rails. Eat the cotton candy. Spend the money.

And if you don’t live ter a town with an vermakelijkheid park, find another source of vermakelijkheid. MainEvent has laser tag and billiards, Top Golving is way more joy than a driving range, and if you’re ter a city like Nashville with a hipster country club like Pinewood Social, you can cup or play bocce ball. There’s less pressure and stress when you’re both embarrassing yourselves…unless one or both of you are crazy competitive. And if that’s the case, it might voorstelling you reasons not to date each other.

Four. Embrace Your Petite Town

It’s effortless to think when you live ter a petite town that there aren’t any other date options besides dinner or coffee. But that’s not necessarily true. If you’re te a collegium town, you could meet at a baloncesto spel at the tópico university. Surely there’s a farm somewhere there, too. Pick a bushel of peaches at the restringido orchard or baskets of strawberries at the berry farm. Is there a festival coming soon? What about a state park? All of thesis are good options that keep you active while providing you the chance to visit.

Five. Go for the Quirky

We’ve all bot traveling down the interstate and seen uitgang signs for attractions that partially pique our curiosity and partially make us roll our eyes—an alligator farm, caves and caverns, or snake pits. Is there one near your city or town? Of course, going to a nearby snake pit isn’t for everyone (leisurely raises forearm), but if you mention it and she likes the idea, you might just have found your lady!

Our thickest advice is to keep it light and keep it joy. Whatever you do, find a way to love getting to know another person. Don’t force the powerful conversations, just let them toebijten naturally—and if that’s not on the very first date, it’s okay.

What other online dating very first date ideas do you have? Share them te the comments below.

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