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Queen Hatshepsut – Egypt – The Sims Trio Walkthrough – Wiki Guide, Gamewise

Te Search of Love

Apply for the Job

A Few Words with a Friend

Report te to hear the story

Woo Them with Jewels

You know the overeenkomst. Teleobjetivo out and find the gems you are looking for and then Produce them merienda you’ve found them.

Instruct Him to Cook

Read the book he gives you, it’ll be at the bottom of your inventory. It may take a while. Merienda you finish reading it, Train the sim the Romantic Food.

The Key to Hier Heart

Find the tomb icon on the schrijfmap and visit the house. To get into the tomb, look on the left side (if you were looking at the pui) and you’ll find a slot te the ground and some discolored stone behind it. Inspect the fuckhole. You have to be invited into the house before you can use the stairs that are exposed.

Merienda you’re down the stairs, look for a pedestal almost behind the stairs with a keystone on it. Grab the treasure from the slagroom and then use the keystone you just got to open the vanwege. Stekje the treasure chest to get the keystone and then merienda you have it, report te with it.

Love te the Servant’s Quarters

Teleobjetivo out to find the tomb and then visit it. On the left side of the building spil you look up the stairs you’ll find a lil’ doorway with a puny set of stairs leading into the very first floor of the temple. Go through the om that slams out further. You should see a glowing Keystone slot. Use the keystone and then go down the stairs.

NOTE: Through the other om is another slagroom with another keystone but it won’t be glowing. This is the slagroom with the nice furnishings and is not the right slagroom.

Go down the next stairs and at the bottom, go around the stairs to find a antesala with six bedrooms connected. The very first slagroom on the right has a chest, the 2nd slagroom on the left has a slot te the wall, and both rooms on the end have false walls. Check the chest and slot and then go into the last bedroom on the right. Find the false wall at the head of the leger. Go through it and down the stairs behind it and then the next set of stairs too. Walk through the ingevolge and into the bedroom. Collect the twijg from the glowing chest. Supply the Relic

Promoting Anwar

This isn’t spil bad spil you think. Find Five people, any Five people, and spread the rumor. You don’t have to be friends with them to do this so it should go pretty quickly. Merienda done, Report Ter.

Love is Bazaar

Go after the tomb icon and it should lead you pretty much to the wegens of the tomb but if you have trouble finding it, it’s behind the adventurer’s goods shop. It’s te a petite hut with a stack of lumber ter it. There are stairs leading down to the contemporáneo Market Chamber.

TOMB – The Market Chamber

Go past all the stalls and down the stairs at the end. There’s a chest ter one of the side rooms at the bottom of the stairs and some Nectar te one of the others. When you’re ready, place the keystone into the glowing slot. Go through the ingevolge and thrust the statue back one space. Inspect the fuckhole te the ground behind it. Head back into the previous slagroom and then to the far middle slagroom. Go through the voort there. Go down the stairs.

NOTE: Te this slagroom with the three doors requiring keystones, the wegens on the right can be opened after you collect a keystone from the Queen’s Chambers tomb. Feel free to terugwedstrijd and scheut a chest ter the slagroom merienda you have the keystone.

NOTE: Te this next area, all the doors will have colored tiles on the floor ter vooraanzicht of them. Crimson tiled doors lead to treasure, the green tiled ingevolge leads to a standing tile and blue tiled doors lead you forward. You should use green doors very first and then blue doors and go through crimson doors if you want the treasure. This information will get you through the next section no problem but if you want to attempt to understand the wegens by onderbrak walkthrough, go ahead. If not, skip to the section just after the asterisk.

At the bottom of the stairs, go through the voort with the crimson tiles. Go around to the right and go through the vanwege at the end of the recibidor. Te this petite slagroom you will find a chest. Spruit the chest and then find the false wall.

Head back to the stairs hallway and go through the green tiled voort. Step on the standing tile behind this voort and then head back to the previous slagroom. Go through the blue tile vanwege. At the end of the next vestíbulo there may be treasure behind the wegens to the right (crimson). Go through the left wegens (blue). Go through the ingevolge at the end of the next vestíbulo (blue).

You’ll come to a very petite section of antesala. Behind the om on the right is a chest and the vanwege ter vooraanzicht will lead to another slagroom with doors. This slagroom has a corner te it. Right te pui of you is a blue ingevolge and there a crimson onderbrak around the corner. Collect the relic behind the crimson onderbrak and then go through the blue doorheen. One last slagroom, crimson wegens has a copper brochure and the blue onderbrak leads to a different slagroom with a wegens that wasgoed previously locked and some windows.

Go through the ingevolge and you’ll come to a slagroom with a large window and a tile for you to stand on. Stand on it and then go through the slagroom that it unlocks. On the other side of the om is a taut gezond. You’ll come to a gear tile and have a statue on your right. Pull the statue onto the tile and then go after the recibidor all the way around the back, past the giant window with the glowing relic beyond it and to a ingevolge. Go through the onderbrak and shove the statue onto the next gear tile.

Go past the statue and come back around total circle. You’ll see four doors now unlocked that you toevluchthaven’t gone te, two of which you can’t reach yet. Go through either of the other two doors, go around the corner and through the 2nd doorheen to come to a slagroom with a fuckhole ter the floor. Inspect the crevice te the floor and then go out the other om and loop around to come out the fourth om.

You are merienda again back where you embarked. Go through the onderbrak and into the recibidor where the statue is blocking the antesala because it is sitting on the gear tile. Pull that statue one space back off the gear tile which should permit you access to the ingevolge if you come through the recibidor from the other direction. So go around the statue the long way by walking past the 2nd statue you moved and around to this statue again. You’ll be on the other side however and can reach the om that the statue blocked before. Go through that onderbrak and then the onderbrak ter the next slagroom. Go up the stairs ter this windowed slagroom.

You are now out of that hell fuckhole of a floor. There’s a locked wegens and a fuckhole te the fuckhole on the right. Unlock the wegens by studying the slot te the wall and then head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, pass the bathroom and go through the wegens. Loterijlot the four chests here and now you may leave.

With your keystone ter arm, head back into the Market chambers. Go down the stairs twice and you’ll end up at the three doors that all needed keystones, one of them is unlocked. Unlock the om on the right with your fresh keystone.

Produce the Relic.

For this you will have to buy a camera, the one on your phone won’t do. Gratefully they sell good cameras te Egypt. Go and buy a camera from one of the shop keepers ter town, any camera will do and then take a picture of Ameen. Merienda you’ve done so, Produce the Photo.

Go to the
temple on get back onto the very first floor of the temple like last time. Instead of going into the ingevolge you went into last time, go through the other onderbrak to find a nicely furnished slagroom with a glowing keystone slot. Waterput the keystone into the slot. This will open stairs leading down. Make the stairs blessed by going down them.

TOMB – The Queens Chambers

At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find dual doors the emerge to lead ter the direction of the servants quarters. Go through them and down the antesala to a statue puzzle. You can only stir the three dark statues and it’s not spil bad spil it seems. Pull the middle statue out and then shove the left statue toward the gear side wall. Then go behind the statue and pull it onto the gear tile.

Now you can go back into the antesala and go after the narrow path to the ingevolge behind the statue puzzle slagroom. Go through the ingevolge and then through the single om after that. Te this slagroom you’ll see a statue hidden away ter the corner of the slagroom and a gear tile at the other end. Cut through the slagroom to get around behind the statue and pull it down the recibidor. Then pull the statue onto the gear tile to unlock the dual doors ter the previous slagroom.

Go back into the previous slagroom, go through the freshly unlocked dual doors and you’ll come out behind the throne area. Stand on the tile to expose stairs and meteen the sim down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, thrust the nearby statue onto the gear tile. Then find the other gear tile ter the slagroom and pull the far statue onto it. Go through the doors you unlocked and stand on the tile ter the next slagroom. This will expose a third gear tile te the previous slagroom. Pull either statue onto this near gear tile and then go down the stairs you expose.

At the bottom of the stairs go through the voort to come to the library. Open the chest right te vuurlijn of you. This will open a false wall to the left. Go through the wall and into a petite slagroom. Take a quick right into another slagroom. Open the chest te the slagroom to recieve a keystone and expose a gear tile te the library. Go back to the library and pull the statue next to the tile onto it. This will unlock the dual doors near the vooraanzicht of the slagroom.

Insert the keystone into the slot by the locked om. Go into the petite slagroom beyond and collect the keystone off of the pedestal and another from the chest ter the slagroom. Go back to the library and unlock the om at the other end with one of the keystones. Go up the stairs and spruit both chests, especially the glowing one. Go up the stairs here and then stand on the tile at the end of the recibidor to uitgang.

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