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Single life te your late 30 – s

This is my very first Hub!! It wasgoed suggested, that I write about something I know about. Well, being single is certainly something I know lots about, having bot that for most of my 30’s. I have a bday coming up te a few weeks. I’ll be 38, so being te my late 30’s is also something I’m común with!

I didn’t intend my life to go this way, I’m not sure that anyone everzwijn gets the life they intend however? Those who do would most likely be considered very fortunate. Having said that, I’m not so sure I would now love the life I merienda had mapped out for myself. It included a hubby and children. I have neither of those and to be flawlessly fair and (maybe) controversial, I’m rather pleased about that!

The thing that gets mij the most about being single and female and ter my late 30’s is the stigma!В Earnestly, what’s that all about?В Another peak for writing hubs wasgoed to do your research.В I googled “single te your 30’s”В and there are articles galore about not being afraid of it? Losing the fear? Words like “misfit” are bandied around.В Why ter this day and age should wij be afraid of our life choices?В Ok, ok maybe wij don’t all consciously choose to be alone but I think on some level. wij do!

I’m certain if you want to be with somebody it’s actually finta effortless.В There are innumerable number of social and dating sites out there with any number of people suggesting to be with you.В Maybe not forever but hey. you can get company if you indeed want it.

Years ago, you were considered to be “on the shelf” and the word spinster would be used to describe you.В It seems to mij that thesis words have bot substituted with much harsher ones.В I mean indeed. taboo wasgoed another I found on google.В What’s wrong with empowered, liberated, sensible?

I make no apologies for the choices I’ve made and I’m also blessed with them, most of the time.В Wij all seem to rely too much on what society expects of us.В Spil a woman, you’re expected to one day be married and raise offspring.В Studs are expected to provide for their fresh family.В It’s how it’s always bot and wij should carry on conforming.В The problem is, thesis rules were made when choices and voiced opinions were limited.В

I recall the day it dawned on mij that maybe, I could do something other than be with the same man for the surplus of my life and have his babies.В It wasgoed amazing but very scaring too.В I understand why all thesis articles about “lose the fear” are written.В The only scary thing about choosing to be single is about how other people percieveВ and/or react to you.В The disappointed look on your Mother’s face, the sympathetic look from strangers followed by the obligatory “awwwww, you’ll find him soon”, the smugness from joyfully married couples.

I wouldn’t mind so much if the people who are married or have children or both were blissfully blessed but generaly, I’ve found.. they’re not!В Our lives seem to revolve around being successful ter whatever it is that you choose to do with your life.В If your choice is to be married, it needs to be a blessed marriage, if you choose children, they should be glad, well behaved and cause you to brim with pride.В If you choose a career. you’d better be good at it and make slew of money.В It’s ok to make the choice to travel with nothing but a rucksack and a passport. so long spil you travel far and broad and bring back tales of venture.В Spil aВ result of this endless pressure to be successful, wij brush our failures under the carpet.В Married people having affairs shrug this off spil if it’s natural. after all, wij all know of someone else who’s done it, so it voorwaarde be ok.. right?В

My choice to be single is partly to avoid all this.В I’m already considered a failure for not managing to bag a man, so not much is expected of mij.В It leaves mij free to live a life that isn’t forever under scrutiny, people wondering when it’s all going to end te tears.В I don’t have to be appalled that some Lolita is going to make a play for my man.В I see the looks on the faces of married people while at a function and their playmate has made a pauze for it. terror, utter terror, especially when they see us “singles” draping around!!В I don’t have the pressure of finding the flawless schoolgebouw for my little cherub, the one that will bring out the talent ter them that I’m sure they have.В

I suppose the main thing about being single ter your late 30’s is being glad with you.В It’s at this zuigeling of age that the entire world, including yourself seems to resign themselves to the fact that your choices are now limited.В Te your twenties, you still have all the time te the world to find someone, lodge down and have children.В But with 40 tapping softly on the voort, thesis choices are beginning to be taken away, certainly the children part of things.В I know it’s still possible to have kids into your 40’s but not fairly so effortless.В Plus, when you’re single at this age, you don’t want to rush into a relationship just for the purpose of procreation. that would be foolish at any age!В

Spil long spil you can honestly say that the life you are living is the one you’re blessed with, nothing else matters.В There are no rules to say that you can’t switch things ter the future should you want to but neither is it against the law to be flawlessly blessed to proceed with singledom for the surplus of your life.В There are many benefits to the life I and other singles have.В I get the entire bedding to myself, I can go out at the druppel of a hat without requiring anyone’s permission or approval, I can be spil grumpy spil I please ter a morning/afternoon/evening without upsetting anybody else and there’s less washing. to name but a few benefits.В Sure it can be lonely sometimes but honestly, the loneliest I have everzwijn bot wasgoed whilst Ter a relationship.

It’s a rough and plucky choice at times to be single ter your late 30’s but I’d rather that than have the pressure of living up to the expectations of society.В I have nothing expected of mij and that, let mij tell you is fabulous!!

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